Demi Lovato's Lovatics Makeup Boasts 4 Key Items

Lovatics, aka Demi Lovato's diehard throng of passionate and stylish fans, are about to get really, really happy. That's because Demi Lovato's Lovatics makeup collection for N.Y.C New York Color is small but it's also all-encompassing. But wait, there's more good news. The Lovatics range is super affordable, topping out at $4.99. It will also be widely available at major discount retailers like Target and Walmart. But the best thing about the Lovatics collection is that it includes four power products that will give you more bang for your makeup buck.

You can buy the full collection for approximately $20 to $30, give or take a few bucks if you purchase every single item, like all of the adorbs Lip & Cheek Tint colors. The products are designed to allow you to create a gorgeous variety of high fashion looks.

It's a good idea to use Lovato herself as a source of inspo, since she has pretty much perfected the rocker chick look and beyond, all of which you can replicate with this range.

The products aren't expensive, but they aren't cheap, either. In fact, it seems Lovato really looked her fans out by offering products that can serve more than one function.

Here's what the Lovatics line includes.

1. Eye Shadow Palette

The eye shadow palette has 12 neutral shades, so you can create a subtle, natural look or you can go full on smoked out. There are endless color combos and possibilities with an attractive and affordable price tag. ($4.99)

2. Lip & Cheek Tints

There are four Lip & Cheep Tints [[NOTE: THE PR ONLY HAD THREE PICS]] and they serve a dual purpose. You can customize and build your look by dabbing and dotting the pink or the red or the strawberry or the berry shade on lips and cheeks with your finger for a stain or a wash of color. ($3.99 each)

3. Brow Liners

The Brow Liners come in dark or medium brown shades. You can groom and fill your brows with 'em. Or use as an eyeliner by smudging them along the upper lashline in a pinch. ($1.99 each)

4. Mascara

The mascara is jet black. It's designed to lengthen and add volume, which is what every mascara should aspire to! The brush is dual fiber and the tube is super cute, featuring Lovato's John Hancock in hot pink. Just darling!

Demi Lovato's Lovatics x N.Y.C. New York Color offers everything your face needs.

Images: N.Y.C. Color (4)