Married People Try Tinder For The First Time

BuzzFeed made a sort of hilarious, sort of depressing video with some big truth bombs. Basically, they had a bunch of married people try Tinder for the first time, and the results were... well, I guess sort of what your expect but they still hit close to home. People who have been married for years, whose relationships pre-date all sort of dating apps, are understandably overwhelmed by Tinder. And while some of them are awesome and appreciate a good emoji when they see one, some of them are smug AF.

And granted, a few of their concerns are totally valid. One woman talked about being worried about "game-ifying" something potentially real. And I share some of the worries about the way Tinder makes us communicate with each other. But for most of us, using dating apps (whatever they are) is just a part of the woodwork now. They're just what you do. All you can do is try to be a stand-up person, remember most people are on them because they're normal people just like you, and go for it.

But what if it's a completely foreign entity to you? What if you've never tried one? Then you are these people. And then you are confused. Take a look at them trying to explore the wonderful world of swiping for the first time here:

And here are my favorite moments from Buzzfeed's video:

First, They All Are Married And Met In Super Cute Ways

Like this woman, who lived in the same dorm as her husband freshman year in college.

Really— Stupidly Cute Ways

This woman was introduced to her hubby by her best friend WHO THEN MARRIED THEM. That happens? I mean, she was married by her best friend, who also introduced her to her husband. It's only a matter of time until she is played by Rachel McAdams while Katherine Heigl swears under her breath.

Or This Woman, Who Said OkCupid Existed While She Was In College...

But for "a certain type of person"... great. Feeling super good about myself.

"Which Way Do I Swipe?"

Oh Mr. Ginger McBeardson, you will learn. You will learn and your fingers will start to swipe with the power of the sun. The sun and loneliness.

This Guy Gets Into It, And Says The First Lady Is "Saucy As Hell"

I like him. He's in the spirit of things, but then...

Then This Woman Is Totally Mean To Griffin

Seriously. She's all "Definitely not". Look at her, screaming "Griffin?!" in the most judgmental voice I've heard. YOU COULD DO A LOT WORSE THAN GRIFFIN! OK? Some of us are just trying to stay alive out here. Then she is mean about basically everything.

But This Woman Is Genuinely Excited

She gets super stoked at her first match, and I love her for that.

"This Is Just Like A Video Game And It's Actually Really Fun."

A video game?! Then our hearts are the players, checked shirt man, our goddamned hearts.

"Is It Weird To Send Multiple Messages To A Stranger?"

This woman is all of us. She's already creeping. You are every woman and I salute you.

"My Second Photo Is A Photo Taken On My Wedding Day."

It's more common than you think, bro— times are tough.

"My Bio Would Just Be A String Of Eggplant Emojis."

OK, now I want to marry her.

"I Think A Lot Of These Men On Here Are Confused About What Is Attractive To Women."

Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. But then says says" I actually think it would be fun for my husband and I to play together.", which also way more common than you might think (as any gay or bi girl on Tinder knows). Oh wait, she means for judging people. Nope, different.

"Being Married F*cking Rules."


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Images: BuzzFeedVideo, Youtube