Who Is Marita Lorenz? Jennifer Lawrence's Upcoming Portrayal Will Almost Certainly Do Her Justice

When it comes to playing strong female characters in film, Jennifer Lawrence isn't backing down. For her newest role, J. Law is set to play Marita Lorenz in the film Marita . As always, Lawrence loves to stick with what works, so comes as no surprise that Marita is a pitch by American Hustle co-writer Eric Warren Singer. According to The Hollywood Reporter , this film has become a hot commodity in Hollywood, and just recently was picked up by Sony Pictures. Lawrence will be playing Marita Lorenz, the 19-year old lover of Fidel Castro, who went on to join a group of anti-communists, and then was recruited by the CIA to help carry out an assassination plot. This film comes on the heels of Lawrence's most recent biopic, Joy, for which she was nominated for her fourth Oscar.

The film Marita will focus heavily on what first brought Lorenz to national prominence — her 1959 affair with the Cuban leader Fidel Castro. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the German-born woman and her life's work, which has remained a touchy subject for Lorenz. Of course her work with the CIA has always been a major cause for speculation, but the biggest mystery still remains her claim that she was involved in the JFK assassination. Although Lorenz has written two books about her life, and is currently alive and well, and residing in Maryland according to the Hollywood Reporter, I'm sure Singer will find a fresh spin on the events in question.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This isn't the first time J. Law has taken on a strong, yet messy, female character, and it always seems to pay off for her. Her role as confident, yet mixed up, Tiffany in 2012's Silver Linings Playbook won her an Oscar. And her recent role as Joy Mangano in Joy, a woman who picks herself up by her bootstraps and builds a business empire, shows that women can be strong and a little broken at the same time. While these characters are far from the same, they all provide a look into femininity and life that's not typical for most Hollywood films.They are strong, but real, and that seems to be where Lawrence thrives. It's her portrayal of characters like Tiffany and Joy that seem to be helping change the narrative for women — especially in Hollywood.

It may be a while until we see Marita on the big screen, but J. Law is coming out strong in 2016 with a lot of exciting projects. Including her Sci-Fi film Passengers, where she'll star opposite Chris Pratt. I hope this means there will be a lot more strong female characters from Lawrence, and hopefully projects like this can open the door for more varied, unexpected roles for women.