J. Law Taught Us A Lot In 'Silver Linings'

Last night, the time came once again for me to re-watch Silver Linings Playbook, otherwise known as the best movie ever IMHO. Not only was the film's debut the first time we got to witness the inimitable onscreen chemistry between work spouses Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, it was also one of the many films in recent years to pave the way in providing grittier nuances to the typical rom-com genre. No hate to classic rom-coms, of course — How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days is kind of my jam — but there are certain films within the genre that can gloss over the poignant flaws of their protagonists. Tiffany Maxwell (Lawrence) and Pat Solitano (Cooper) are far from perfection. The movie introduces them as two people grappling with previous trauma (Tiffany is a young widow and Pat has been recently released from a mental facility after discovering his wife had been having an affair), sizable neuroses, and a tendency to throw things. By delving unabashedly into the complexities of these characters, Silver Linings Playbook offered its audience depth and inspiration that is not always a common trait of other love stories — again, no hate. I will binge-watch The Proposal all day.

The entire cast in Silver Linings Playbook is amazing, but Lawrence's Oscar-winning performance as Tiffany was definitely my favorite. Equal parts humorous and heartbreaking, Tiffany offered a slew of life lessons we can glean plenty of inspiration from. What life lessons, you ask? Let's take a look!

Flaws Are Beautiful

Tiffany is far from perfect, but the flaws in her character are also what add to her appeal. She's mouthy, prone to mood swings, and can be honest to a fault. Rather than attempt to stifle these qualities, Tiffany embraces them. Let's be honest, guys, perfection is actually pretty boring — amiright?

Look For The Humor In Situations

Tiffany's sardonic sense of humor is one of the many reasons this movie toggled between being a drama and a comedy. It also teaches us that a sharp quip or witty rejoinder can lighten up almost every situation. How's that for a silver lining?

Endorphins Can Be Very Useful

Endorphins can be very useful during times of stress. Given the cards both Pat and Tiffany are dealt in the film, all that jogging and dancing was likely a prime factor in keeping the two from crumbling under a myriad of pressures.

Obey The Rules At Your Place Of Employment

Tiffany reveals to Pat — during a "date" that consists of Raisin Bran and tea — that she was fired from her last job for sleeping with 11 colleagues. No judgment, of course, but you probably want to steer clear from that behavior during work hours.

Don't Settle In Relationships

As disjointed as their lives feel when they first meet, Tiffany immediately recognizes that Pat is in sync with her in a way that her other suitors were never able to be. Even if a relationship seems perfect on paper, never settle for something that isn't perfect for you.

Find Someone Who Understands You

To piggy back off my last point, the scene where Pat professes his love to Tiffany and tells her "the only way you could meet my crazy is by doing something crazy yourself. Thank you. I love you" is pretty much topping my list of #RelationshipGoals.

Take Risks

Taking on a group of dancers who appear to have just walked off the set of Dancing With The Stars can be more than a little intimidating, but — as we saw in the movie — taking some risks can definitely pay off.

Keep A Good Soundtrack In Your Back Pocket

Nothing can lift your mood like a good set of tunes and Tiffany proves throughout the films that she may have the best playlist in history.

You Don't Have To Win First Place To Be A Winner

Tiffany and Pat's goal for their dance competition was to receive a ranking of "5," which isn't considered an impressive number by dance competition standards. Still, because that was their goal, their reactions to the menial reviews are on par with someone who just won an Academy Award. Just because you don't take home first place doesn't mean there isn't cause to celebrate, so take pride in your achievements, guys!

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