Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid Are Pros At The Subtle PDA Game — PHOTOS

Well, it's a new year and there are some new young Hollywood romances that are starting 2016 off strong. I became invested in finding out more about those Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner dating rumors after their cozy New Year's yacht vacation, but they haven't since gifted us with any further evidence of their relationship. There is one (reported) couple throwing us a little bone, though: Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik. The 20-year-old model was spotted with a very telling phone screensaver, which reminded everyone who reigns as the hottest young Hollywood duo. They're still early in their relationship (which they still haven' technically confirmed), but Malik and Hadid are already killing the PDA game.

In my opinion, PDA doesn't necessarily have to be actual physical contact, it can also be those adorable little moments that show you are thinking of your boo. Or, in this case, with them being in the public eye, just another opportunity to show off the hot, talented, and successful person you are currently dating and making every person jealous while doing so. Malik and Hadid know exactly how to keep everyone guessing about their relationship status, and it is working!

Let's look at the most recent exhibit: Hadid was photographed walked through the airport in Paris when a paparazzi captured a very interesting detail in her hand. Her phone was brightly lit, and a black and white photo of her rumored boyfriend was shining bright enough to be captured:

D'awww. That is actually really adorable. I had my qualms when I first saw the photo — it really looks photoshopped — but I found a video, which seems to prove that she does indeed have Malik's huge face on her phone:

Whether or not showing off the photo was on purpose (that phone is very brightly lit for the daytime), it made everyone talk about them again and it looked (fairly) natural.

In addition to this form of PDA, Hadid also recently posted a very mysterious birthday message on her Instagram, and Malik's birthday was on Jan. 11 and she simply captioned a blurry photo with "ZDAY."

Was it for Malik? Almost certainly, but Hadid definitely tried to remain as elusive as possible, which has seemed to be a theme for pair so far. A few days before that post, she posted a photo of shirtless, heavily tattooed guy holding a kitten sans a caption, but everyone knew who it was. The 23-year-old singer's tattoos were too easy to spot:

Once again, if anyone was questioning whether or not this young romance was the real thing, Hadid made it a point to drop a subtle clue of their status. There was no need for an official photo shoot or overindulgent yacht vacation to flaunt things, which they could have easily done.

Perhaps one of the subtlest pieces of evidence of their closeness was when Hadid casually posted a screencap of a FaceTime call on New Year's Eve, in which she is wearing a jersey showing Malik's hometown football club, Bradford City. Very sneaky! When the official Twitter account of the team replied to her tweet, Malik joined in the action:

Earlier on in their rumored relationship, they exchanged another item: There were photos of them wearing each others' glasses in public, which also got fans talking and sleuthing even more.

While it is fairly safe to say that Hadid and Malik are dating at this point, I think it's cute that they have only publicly shared small bits of their relationship, without revealing too much. Besides, this is still very young and they deserve to enjoy all of those special, private moments on their own.