What Do The Kids From 'Friends' Look Like Now? Get Ready To Feel Very Old...


Nothing will make you feel older than realizing that the kids from Friends are, in fact, all grown up. While most true fans have been in denial that the show has been off-air as long as it has — 12 years, to be exact — the world has continued moving forward and people have continued aging along with it. And if anything captures the injustice of time's inevitable march forward, it's the fact that the kids from Friends are all adults now.

The children of our favorite characters in the show were like the unsung heroes of Friends. From Phoebe's adorable triplets to Ross's only son Ben, there was so much cuteness present in each of their characters. Now, those cute little kids are grown up — and we're just older. Sadly, it's the natural progression of life, folks. We can pretend the golden age of Friends was just a hop, skip, and a jump away, but looking at these pictures will put it all back into perspective for you. The kids of Friends are basically teenagers/adults now, and the world spins madly on, and oh my God, is it time to die yet?

...Anyway. Let's take a look at the kids from Friends as they appear now.

Cole Sprouse As Ben Geller-Willick

Ben may have been the cutest of all the children on the show. His relationship with Ross provided for some pretty sweet father-son bonding moments. If there ever is a reunion special episode, I'm hoping against all odds they can bring Cole Sprouse back to reprise his role.

Noelle And Cali Sheldon As Emma Geller-Green

The adorable younger half-sister to Ben, Emma, was actually played by twin girls. No, not Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen — Noelle and Cali Sheldon had the honor of sharing the role. The girls are still active in the acting game, and have had a few small roles since Friends went off the air.

Allisyn Ashley Arm, Dante Pastula, And Sierra Marcoux As Phoebe's Triplets

The three triplets were played by three different babies — none of whom are related in real life. Although Allisyn Ashley Arm who played Leslie Buffay did continue acting, Frank Jr. Jr. and Chandler Buffay, played by Dante Pastula and Sierra Marcoux haven't done much since (though Pastula did voice a character in The Polar Express, and him and Marcoux both appeared in the same short film together in 2007, Ablution .) Here's what Arm looks like now:

And here's what Pastula looks like now:

Well, I hope this article makes you feel as old as I do. Sadly, we must admit there may never be an opportunity to see what became of these fictional kids. However, I also hope this article makes you excited for an all night marathon of Friends, because that's what I'll be doing.

Images: Warner Bros. Television (4)