8 Romantic Date Ideas For Snowstorms

Snowy days: Even if you hate the cold, like I do, it's still possible to find these frosty days to be magical, beautiful and incredibly romantic. Regardless of your official stance on the weather, winter storm Jonas is scheduled to hit the East Cost this weekend, so you might as well make the best of it, and go on some snow day dates. There's something especially idyllic and glow-y about a snowstorm — everyone, even the grinchiest of us all, tends to get at least a little excited about the precipitation — though recent studies show that you may want to draw the line at eating snow: Turns out it soaks up pollutants. Drat.

So draw back the reins at making ice cream by pouring maple syrup over snow as they did in Little House on the Prairie, and instead go for something else a bit more rational. When it comes to brainstorming date ideas to do in the snow, I promise there are better — and more romantic — ideas than dreaming up culinary snow creations. Well — dream all you want. Just don't make big batches of snow cocktails if you want to err on the side of caution.

1. Go To Your Favorite Comfort Food Joint

If you live in a city, like I do, restaurants will stay open even if there is a foot of snow. But you and your partner won't want to go far — long trudges in epic snowdrifts are not fun, and even if the sidewalks are cleared, they won't be while snow is still falling. So repair to the best cozy restaurant in your nabe, and spend the whole evening there. It likely won't be as crowded as usual, and it'll feel super luxurious to order multiple courses and snuggle up indoors. Find a table by the window for a front-row snow seat.

2. Have A Staycation

Make a reservation at a local boutique hotel and arrange to spend the weekend there with your partner. As the snow pours down, have breakfast in bed, watch tons of movies and make use of the hotel bar and restaurant when you actually feel like showering and seeing other people. It will be a snow weekend you won't soon forget.

3. Take A Staycation — And Really Stay Put

Staycations often include such pesky details as staying in your own city or town, but sleeping somewhere you don't usually. But you could take an OG staycation and actually stay home all weekend long with your partner. There's nothing that says "Who cares it's winter?" like blasting the heat, blasting the jams, and hanging out on your own couch.

4. Make Snow Angels

If you're a city slicker, this will probably have to be on the roof. If you're lucky enough to live in a countryside setting, you can do this anywhere you damn well please. But wherever you make your angels, it's pretty likely that you and your partner will feel all fired up and romance-y afterward. Selfies in the snow next to your angels? Well, that's up to you.

5. Take A Walk

Though a long trudge along cement sidewalks in a snow downpour is not my idea of fun, short jaunts in the snow can be fun and invigorating. These are usually way more fun in, say, the woods, but I've had a great time taking little journeys in the snow in various Brooklyn neighborhoods. Holding hands makes such a stroll even better.

6. Hot Chocolate Run

Hit your nearest coffee shop, but allow yourself the ever-indulgent order of a hot chocolate. If you can't eschew your usual coffee order, make it a mocha, and sip it with your mate while watching flakes fall outside.

7. Go To The Movies

Even if it's freezing and snowing, movie theaters stay open. It's Oscar season, which means that there are approximately five million good films to see. Make a day of it by packing a lunch and hitting two or three films in a row.

8. Read All Day

You know how some of us always say, "I wish I could just curl up and read all day," but then we never get to? Now is your chance. Silence your phone, put on some Bach, and snuggle up with your boo for a long afternoon of reading. Bonus points if you and your partner take turns reading aloud to each other.

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