11 Movies From The '90s That Bookworms Will Forever Cherish

Raise your hand if you spent the '90s with your nose stuck in all the books! If a lot of you have your hands raised, don't be surprised: There was just something about the decade that led to a lot of kids getting their read on (given it was the decade that gave the world Harry Potter, this isn't exactly surprising). In a happy bit of synergy, there were also quite a few '90s movies about books and the joys of reading. The decade was a paradise for book lovers who also enjoyed a good movie every now and then.

I am the first to admit not every movie on this list holds up, but I also know my heart doesn't care about silly things like objective quality. These movies brought my favorite books to life, they created characters who loved to read as much as I did, and they applauded literary pursuits. What more could a budding bookworm ask for (besides maybe a rewrite of the Little Women ending so Jo and Laurie get together)?

From The Babysitter's Club to Pagemaster , these movies were every '90s book lover's jam. They understood the power of a captivating narrative and brought some of the best book characters of all-time to the big screen in unforgettable movies. Trust me, for book fans, these movies will never stop being amazing.

1. Little Women (1994)

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There have been several adaptations of Little Women, but Winona Ryder is Jo March in this 1994 adaptation as far as I'm concerned. The movie didn't just do the March sisters justice, it brought Jo's love of books and writing to life. For young bookworms, she was an instant hero.

2. Matilda (1996)

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Matilda was a little girl with magical powers and an insatiable love of literature. You didn't just love her, you wanted to be her — at least, you did after Ms. Honey adopted her.

3. The Pagemaster (1994)

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You always knew libraries were magical places, but The Pagemaster confirmed your theory. Add in the part where books came to life, and you have a recipe for a young book lover's dream movie.

4. Beauty And The Beast (1991)

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Belle was the first Disney princess who had serious personality. She loved to read and dreamed of travel. Is it any wonder this movie is so beloved?

5. The Baby-Sitters Club (1995)

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When The Baby-Sitters Club series was turned into a movie, there was no way anyone under the age of 13 was going to miss it. The series defined so many childhoods, it is no wonder the movie will always be a classic in the eyes of Kristy, Mary Anne, Dawn, Stacey, and Claudia fans.

6. Harriet The Spy (1996)

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Harriet The Spy had been beloved since 1964, so when everyone's favorite junior spy finally got her own movie, excitement was high. Harriet did not disappoint either: Everything that was so special about an ultra-inquisitive young girl who was also a detective came across beautifully on-screen.

7. Madeline (1998)

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Madeline went from being your beloved bedtime story to your favorite movie ensuring your parents knew the story of the most mischievous redhead ever by heart before you were out of footie pajamas.

8. Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998)

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Ever After starring Drew Barrymore gave the world a Cinderella who was inquisitive, valued her father's treasured copy of Sir Thomas More's Utopia, and hung out with Leonardo da Vinci. Faced with those facts, it's not hard to see why Barrymore's Danielle earned a place in the hearts of readers everywhere.

9. The Mighty (1998)

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"And by the time we get here, which I guess should be the end, you're gonna know the story of Freak the Mighty, who slayed dragons, saved maidens, and walked high above the world." This movie inspires all the tears, but it also gets the bonding power of stories, the importance of friendship, and how literature allows people to endure in a way most movies can only stand in awe of.

10. James And The Giant Peach (1996)

This adaptation of Roald Dahl's classic novel looks like it came directly from the imagination of the book's fans. There is really no higher praise than that for a movie based on a beloved book.

11. Romeo + Juliet (1996)

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Thanks to Baz Luhrmann, you were downright giddy when it came time to read "Romeo and Julie" in English class. By the point, you had memorized every second of the superb version starring '90s heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio.

These movies prove there was no better time than the '90s to be a young, movie-loving bookworm.

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