Is Spencer In Love With Caleb? This 'Pretty Little Liars' Pair Isn't Dating, But Spencer Sure Looks Love Struck

Real talk: there are no Pretty Little Liars couples that I thought would be endgame more than Haleb and Spoby. Unfortunately, now that PLL has jumped five years forward, romantic tragedy has struck: Spencer and Toby split up due to Spencer's busy Washington, D.C. life, and Hanna and Caleb ended things so long ago that now Hanna is getting married to her new guy Jordan. Though these couples are no longer official, I think it's safe to say that most Pretty Little Liars fans had hoped that they would find their way back to one another by the end of the season — and now, that's looking less and less likely. Pretty Little Liars seems to be setting up a new romance in Season 6B, and it's a swap few of us would have seen coming in past seasons. It looks like Spencer might be in love with Caleb, and it's as mind-blowing of a twist as Charlotte DiLaurentis being Big A.

There were rumors for weeks about a potential Spencer/Caleb relationship, and it was a big relief when the Season 6A premiere seemingly revealed that they were no more than close friends. Or were they? While the two haven't so much as held hands, the pair sure spends a lot of time together, even shacking up in Spencer's barn together while Spencer is on leave from her job. The thing is, while the pair does seem to be spending a lot of time together as "friends," it's hard not to notice that there are some romantic vibes creeping up — especially on Spencer's end. For more on the possibility of Spaleb, check out Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave.

Did anyone else find Spencer reminiscing about meeting up with Caleb in Madrid just a tad odd? After all, while you might be stoked to hang out with your high school buddy you randomly ran into at a train station, you likely wouldn't wax poetic about it twice in a day's time. That's exactly what Spencer did: she spilled about her special time with Caleb to Jordan, and then brought up the time again when talking to Caleb in the barn. All signs point to Spencer being a little more into Caleb than their "just friends" party line might allow.

There are quite a few conspiracy theories about Caleb and Spencer's trip to Madrid, including one that suggests Spencer and Caleb hooked up in Europe shortly after Hanna dumped Caleb. Let's say that these two did get together in Europe — unless the show is purposefully hiding aspects of their relationship, it seems that whatever hook up happened was a "one and done" sort of thing, and that they are no longer pursuing romance. If that is the case, Caleb certainly looks "over it" and ready to move on. Spencer, on the other hand, might be a bit more hung up on Caleb than she realized. Not like she has all that much time for romance, what with yet another murder looming over her head.

In an interview with Bustle, Troian Bellisario seemed to hint that a relationship might not happen between Spencer and Caleb — but that there were certainly feelings between these two.

The interesting thing for me this season is that Spencer and Caleb have always had an incredible relationship... They’re always the smartest people in the room, so they really respect each other, and they love hanging out. And the thing is, they both have incredible love for each other and for Hanna.

It wouldn't surprise me if Spencer did have strong feelings for Caleb, but chose to ignore them in order to protect her friendship with Hanna. Whether these feelings are real (or, requited) is unclear, but fingers crossed that we won't have to deal with two Liars fighting over one dude. The real love story on this show is the friendship between the girls, and as great as Caleb is, no guy should come between them.

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