15 Times Jaclyn Hill Was Total Beauty Goals

We all love Jaclyn Hill. Can I say that enough? Whether she's giving us killer product reviews, instructing a smoky eye tutorial, or shouting out her Snapchat fam, she's the beauty guru most likely to top everyone's most watched this. That's why these 15 times Jaclyn Hill was total beauty goals are going to come as a surprise to no one. She's the queen of the winged line, a master with concealer, and damn it, she's just fun to watch.

Hill has been a staple on YouTube for probably the last two years. Though she's been on the social network for longer than that, her rise in popularity seemed to skyrocket most recently. It's not a surprise why though. Her tutorials have amassed hundreds of thousands of views, and her beauty brand collab? Calling it a success is a total understatement. Champagne Pop, Hill's highlighter collaboration with Becca Cosmetics, was a runaway success with many scrambling to find where to get the product when it sold out on Sephora's website. Because of its success, Becca not only released a limited edition palette that featured the totally on fleek highlight, but they also made Champagne Pop a permanent member of the Becca family. Basically, Jaclyn's entrepreneurial skills are #girlboss goals, and her beauty game, well, it's given us inspo for days. Here are 15 times Hill was a total beauty goddess.

1. When She Beasted The No Mirror Makeup Challenge

Jaclyn may have laughed at that winged liner, but my no mirror makeup look would not have looked half as good as this talented lady's.

2. When She Killed This Deep Purple Lip

Can I get a round of applause for that lip color and her skills?

3. When She Nailed Cool Tones Even Though She's A Warm Girl

Jaclyn totally cops to be a warm shadow loving woman, but this NYE makeup proves she can do anything.

4. When She Taught Everyone How To Get A Flawless Face

Jaclyn's foundation game is everything, and she's totally sharing major tips.

5. When Her Wing Liner Was Everything

I mean, this happens all the time, but hey, that's why Jaclyn Hill is #beautygoals.

6. When She Reminded Everyone That Beauty Isn't Just Skin Deep

All good energy. All love. All the time.

7. When She Destroyed The Halloween Makeup Game

Is she the ring leader of YouTube beauty gurus? Hell yes, she is.

8. When Her Highlight Was On Extra Fleek

Yas, Champagne Pop. Yaasss!

9. When She Gave Us Affordability

We can't all grab Armani Luminous Silk, and Jaclyn totally understands that.

10. When She Rocked Color Like No One's Business

Scared to rock some color? Jaclyn will convince you otherwise.

11. When She Went Day To Night Flawlessly

I mean, skills, amirite?

12. When She Gave Us Soft & Feminine Glam

This perfect Valentine's Day makeup was insanely pretty.

13. When She Gave Us The Product Down Low

Jaclyn shares her makeup and product knowledge because she wants us our highlight to be as on fleek as possible. Sharing tips is true beauty goals, people.

14. When She Gave Lazy Girls The Perfect Look

Five minutes and looking flawless.

15. When Her Gratitude Made Her Even More Perfect

Beauty is on the inside, and Jaclyn's grace, gratitude, and humility make her beauty goals on the inside and out.

Basically, our girl never lets us down.

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