Damien Darhk's Wife Is Bad News On 'Arrow'

Well, that was certainly unexpected. Here I was this whole time thinking that Damien Darhk was the big bad villain of Arrow Season 4 when really it's his wife that may, in fact, be the real brains behind this whole operation. Though a vast majority of Wednesday night's episode "Blood Debts" was centered around Felicity's Arrow fate, we also got a closer look at Darhk's family, who seems to be the real reason he's doing all of this. So who exactly is Damien Darhk's wife and what does she want? So far all we know is that her name is Ruvé Adams (played by Janet Kidder), but as far as her dark (Darhk?) agenda goes, that still has yet to be seen. However, there's definitely more to her than meets the eye.

After Team Arrow saved his wife and daughter from Anarky, Darhk agreed to give Oliver & Co. a few weeks of peace as a sort of thank you. (I guess not destroying the city was just too big of an ask.) But upon hearing this, his wife reprimanded him for being too soft and insisted that he should've killed the Green Arrow when he had the chance. For someone that just saved her life that seems pretty harsh, am I right? But then things really got interesting when Darhk mentioned how he had promised her a new beginning. So does that mean that everything evil deed he's done has been on her behest?

Now granted we still haven't had a lot of on-screen time with her, so I don't want to just jump to conclusions. This could very well be an equal team effort. (Every couple should have a hobby, after all.) But what if it's not? What if she's actually using Darhk and his magical capabilities to further her own evil agenda? I've spent so much time hating Darhk that it never even occurred to me that he was potentially taking orders from someone else. She clearly wants a new beginning for a reason, regardless of who dies in order to make it happen, which makes her just as dangerous (if not more so) than Darhk himself. Watch your back, Ollie. Because there may very well be a new Big Bad on the scene.

Image: Katie Yu/ The CW