These 'HSM' Audition Tapes Will Give You The Feels

by Michelle Lulic

It has been 10 years since Disney Channel changed the course of history with it's premiere of High School Musical. Yep, 10 whole years since it's initial Jan. 20, 2006 premiere. But, how did the teen musical phenomenon change the course of history, you ask? Well, the coveted Disney Channel musical not only launched the acting careers of stars like Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, but it also began a wave of musicals coming from Disney Channel — including Camp Rock and, now, Teen Beach Movie. However, it was more than just the movie's Grease-like plot line that grabbed the attention of an entire generation of singing and dancing teenagers. One of the things that made High School Musical such as success was the uncanny chemistry between Gabriella, Troy, and the rest of the talented cast. And, as it turns out, the chemistry actually started in Efron and Hudgens' High School Musical audition tapes from 2005, as seen during the High School Musical reunion.

And, luckily for those of us affected by the High School Musical craze, Disney Channel decided to not only hold a special reunion presentation on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016, but they also showed up a look back at the audition tapes from the cast. And, needless to say, the throwback moments gave HSM fans some serious nostalgia. But, what made these audition tapes even more noteworthy? While not only securing their spots in the roles that would change their lives forever, Hudgens and Efron also managed to start their real life relationship — which, unfortunately, later ended in 2010 — after working on High School Musical together. And the cuteness is preserved on video forever. Seriously, you just need to watch these auditions.

Between watching the throwback audition tapes — and watching the cast themselves react to watching the tapes so many years later — my heart simply can't handle it. However, with the clear lack of Zac Efron due to work conflicts — I really hope that this isn't the end of the High School Musical nostalgia. Seriously, can the cast of HSM just host every night on Disney Channel... Please?!

Images: Disney Channel