Brie Larson & Amy Schumer Have A Strong Bond

Continuing her ever-growing presence in the spotlight, Oscar nominee and Golden Globes winner Brie Larson appears on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter 's latest issue. Although there was plenty of talk about her powerful performance in Room, Larson kept things light when discussing starring opposite Amy Schumer in Trainwreck . The two played sisters on-screen, but it's clear their supportive bond extends beyond that. They really seem to bring out the best in each other, including Schumer enhancing Larson's appreciation of comedy. The 26-year-old actor says,

Amy allows us to laugh about things that have been [taboo] for so long. [Society's] feeling is: '"Do not discuss. Don't you dare." And Amy says, "Why? Being a human is super funny."

It's true — Schumer is a queen of speaking her mind, especially when no one else will. That's not the only way she impacted Larson. Opening her costar's eyes to the true world of comedy, Schumer told the doorman at NYC's Comedy Cellar that Larson can attend whenever she wants. The experience totally changed Larson, who later ran up to Judd Apatow and Schumer saying, "Comedy is the super medium!" Larsen recalls,

The first time I went, I actually started crying, which I don't think is what you are supposed to do at a comedy club. But I was so inspired. I would watch someone talking about his problems with his crazy sociopath girlfriend, and the way he worked out and unlocked the story was the same thing I was doing in Short Term 12.

From the sound of it, their respect and admiration for one another is mutual. In The Hollywood Reporter, Schumer declares Larson "a complete badass," saying, "Brie is as advertised — the most genuine, kind person one could hope to meet, and watching her perform is mind-blowing to me."

Honestly, they're both badasses in their own right and their talents are complementary. Larson's role in Room proves she's a strong performer in more dramatic movies, while Schumer is known for her hilarious stand-up and comedic roles. Their talents really seem to balance out.

Just as Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence's friendship is an awesome example of women supporting one another, her bond with Larson is equally important. It shows that female actors can work together, without taking away the other's shine. In fact, Hollywood could use more positive attitudes like this.