Why John Boyega Will Be Bigger Than 'Star Wars'

by Michelle Lulic

It was hard not to fall in love with John Boyega's hilariously charming character Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. However, as Star Wars fans get to know the London-born actor more, you start to realize just how incredibly talented and wonderful he is. Between his work as Chris Tanner in 24: Live Another Day and his overall humble personality, there's no one else I'd rather seen making big changes in Hollywood. And with the release of the trailer for the indie feature Imperial Dreams — directed by debut filmmaker Malik Vitthal — it's clear that John Boyega's next movie seems to prove that his career is going to be so much more than just being "the guy from Star Wars."

The film, Imperial Dreams, follows a father named Bambi (Boyega) who is desperately trying to raise his son and still pursue his dreams to be a writer while struggling with the trials and tribulations of living in a rough neighborhood. Imperial Dreams was first released at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival — before all of the Star Wars hype — and even took home the Best of Next Audience Award. So, why is it resurfacing now? Well, to help prove to the public just how damn talented of an actor Boyega actually is. And to, hopefully, score a deal for distribution so that blossoming Boyega fans can appreciate all of his talent and acting efforts... not just his turn in The Force Awakens. And, honestly, after watching this trailer, you're going to start wondering why he even needed Star Wars as a launching pad for his immense level of talent in the first place.

Real, raw, and mesmerizing are just some of the words I would use to describe Boyega's performance in Imperial Dreams from just watching the trailer alone. And if that's not what you would call the makings of true talent, then I don't know what is. In fact, The Hollywood Reporter even went on the compliment Boyega's work in the film in saying:

"British actor Boyega seems to have an innate feel for the setting, taking on the role of Bambi with genuine empathy for the character’s situation. His rapport with the young actors playing Bambi’s son is especially poignant..."

Followed by Variety magazine completely crediting the British actor for the movie's success.

"...Boyega’s grounded performance keeps the film headed in the right direction."

So, is Star Wars: Episode VIII (and hopefully Episode IX) the last place we're going to see Boyega? Probably not. In fact, I see more than just huge blockbusters in this breakout star's future. Considering his well-received critiques and his ability to head one of the highest grossing films of all time, I see Boyega joining the ranks of the acting elite. Where maybe one day he could be heading up award shows for his nominated films in categories that stretch beyond just visual and special effects.

Imperial Dreams does not have a wide release date just yet, but you can catch the actor in Star Wars: Episode VIII on Dec. 15, 2017 (and, yes, the Episode VIII release date has been pushed back from it's original May 26, 2017 release date — sorry, folks). But, either way, look out, world! Because the next generation of lead actors are on their way up... and they've got a Stormtrooper with them.