16 Reasons To Stay Home On Valentine's Day

by Gina M. Florio

You're a part of Valentine's Day — whether you like it or not. You might be a creative romantic who likes to come up with fun Valentine's Day date alternatives, or maybe you're a sweet-natured cynic who boycotts the holiday by buying enough chocolate to share with an army of friends. No matter what your romantic situation is come February 14th, though, you're pretty much left with two choices on the special day: go out and do something, or stay home.

I may be biased because I've always been a homebody, but I vote for the latter every year. Not because I hate romance. On the contrary, I love it — in the privacy of my own home, that is. Staying in on Valentine's Day sometimes gets a bad rap, as if you can't properly celebrate love unless you're out and about. That's not the case at all, though; there are an infinite number of ways to enjoy the holiday behind closed doors.

In 2015, Americans spent $18.9 billion on Valentine's Day-related things. That includes flowers, chocolates, gift baskets, and fancy dinners. There's a lot of hustle and bustle that has to take place in order for all that spending to happen, and all that hastiness is bound to put some extra stress on our already overflowing plates. Well, if the whole point of this day is to unwind and pamper each other, I don't want any part of that.

Here are 16 reasons you should stay home on Valentine's Day.

1. You Won't Have To Fight The Crowds

There's a ridiculously high number of couples who go out to dinner on Valentine's Day, and there's no way you can avoid them. People get so crazy about securing a spot at a restaurant that they'll make multiple reservations at once. Imagine the crowds you'll have to push through just to get to the bathroom.

2. You Won't Be Subjected To Bad Food

The quality of food can only be so good when they have to cater to that many people in one evening. Think of all the stress the chefs and servers are subjected to. Now imagine all that anxiety inadvertently being transferred into your quinoa pilaf. In all seriousness, though, experts say the quality of food at fine restaurants on V-Day declines because of the level of mass production. Dodge this turmoil by taking control of your own dinner.

3. You Won't Have To Witness Fights & Awkward Dates

I generally find social disasters highly entertaining, but the drama level is turned up a little too high on Valentine's Day for even my viewing pleasure. There's so much pressure on couples to get it right that you tend to see more arguments and passive aggressive disagreements that will leave you feeling hopeless rather than giggly.

4. You'll Save Money

Because of all those big crowds, dinner is set at a high lovey-dovey price. You'll pay extra for things that would normally cost way, way less, and there's little to no chance that there are decent bargain deals. Plus, think about the new outfit and lipstick you'll have to dish out cash for. Give your wallet a break and cozy up on the couch instead.

5. You Have The Perfect Excuse To Bake

Forget Christmas. This is the most wonderful time of the year. There are more than enough cupcake tutorials and interesting brownie recipes to keep you going all night long. Even if you're not one to usually bake, this is a good chance to experiment in the kitchen and explore all the ways chocolate is your one true love.

6. You Can Stay In Your Pajamas All. Night. Long.

You spent enough time in real clothes all week long, so pay tribute to your real true love with an elastic waistband.

7. ... And Stay Warm

Look, it's going to be cold out there, unless you live somewhere tropical. Aren't you tired from fighting the chill out there very day? Yes; yes, you are. Wrap yourself up in some warm blankets and crank on that heater.

8. You Can Pamper Yourself

V-Day is all about you; don't let anybody tell you anything different. Along with all the inventive dessert recipes out there, you've also got access to countless at-home spa treatments that will leave you feeling relaxed and recharged. Then there are all those grooming routines you haven't gotten to in a while.

9. ... And Have Lots Of Orgasms

A grown-ass woman never misses out on a solid orgasm opportunity. Whether you've got a trusty vibrator or a willing partner by your side (or both!), you've got plenty of reasons to indulge sexually. You probably don't have to worry about your roommate getting home early either, if they're out on a hot date.

10. It Gives You A Chance To Catch Up On TV Shows & Movies

I know I'll be throwing myself immediately into the Making a Murderer game because I've yet to see any of it. With your busy schedule, it's nearly impossible to watch everything you'd like to get to on the weekends. Take advantage of this quiet evening to hole up and find out just how much Netflix you can watch before your eyes start to feel funny.

11. You Can Be As Cynical As You Please

It's hard for even the most cynical of folk to be openly sarcastic in public when the day of lovers is in full swing. There are too many pink balloons and love ballades playing in the background for you to feel comfortable talking about why this holiday is just another outrageous way to participate in capitalist society. Behind closed doors is an entirely different story, though. Rant away.

12. You & Your Friends Can Have An Adult Sleepover

This is a great chance to catch up with those friends you don't get to see too often. Arrange a cocktail bar, order piles of takeout, and trade the dating horror stories that haven't yet been unleashed. Besides, the love passed around on Valentine's Day isn't reserved only for SOs. Your besties deserve those cutesy gifts all the same.

13. You Don't Have To Share Anything With Anyone (Unless You Want To)

Sharing is not always caring. You've spent the better part of the last year divvying up food and money here and there for various people in your life. It's time to be selfish with your things. Here's your chance to hug that box of chocolates to your heart and sweetly demand that everyone back off.

14. You'll Get Quality Time With Your Pets

That cat of yours doesn't get enough attention, as he constantly tries to tell you with the cold shoulder. V-Day night is primetime for spooning with the fur-ball in your life. Besides, there's nothing in the world that can make you feel happier and more loved than a cuddly animal.

15. You Can Still Have Date Night At Home

OK, maybe you have a sweetheart that you want to do something special with. Cool. Still, stay home. There are plenty of things to do, in addition to the traditional sex and food routine, of course. Take a bath or do a DIY project together. Your romantic options are not limited just because you don't want to get swept away with the crowd.

16. You Need A Break From The World

I see you nodding your head. We all need a little peace and quiet from time to time, and Valentine's Day is the perfect chance to hole up from the chaos. Even if you just sit around staring at the ceiling, just make sure you're doing something that will ease whatever stress you've got in your life. Your heart will be a lot happier for it.

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