8 Reasons To Stay In On Valentine's Day

by Chrissa Hardy

Valentine's Day is one great big massive money pit of a holiday. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun way to celebrate the people you love in your life, but celebrating Valentine's Day anywhere but home is a giant mistake. Roses are a classic Valentine's Day gift, right? Right. Flower companies know this and give red roses an obnoxiously high markup to capitalize on it. And hey, good for them. But why do so many people fall into this trap? Flowers are flowers and anything pretty that's also freshly bloomed will do. And then there are restaurants. Restaurants and their prix fixe menus are WAY overpriced for what they serve.

So I'm not saying you should boycott Valentine's Day necessarily (unless that's how you choose to celebrate and then by all means, do you), but there are ways to avoid wasting your hard-earned cash just to show the person you love how much they mean to you. The best way to avoid this money trap is to stay in. I've never really understood the point of a Valentine's Day date outside the house anyway. I mean, date nights are always fun and it's important to get dressed up for each other once in a while. But realistically, where is this night going to lead? Uh huh..... there. "Getting nookie," as we called it in the '90s. And unless you're down to get arrested, you should probably do that behind closed doors. So in addition to nookie, here are all the reasons you should stay in on Valentine's Day.

1. Because your money is better spent on takeout

Your regular order of Pad Thai and crispy spring rolls will be the same price it always is. And it will taste even better knowing you didn't get ripped off.

2. Because a home cooked meal is a stellar declaration of love

Instead of takeout, cook a meal for your SO, or make something together. Even if it ends up tasting like a plate of steaming cow dung, you'll have fun attempting it with your favorite person.

3. Because movies are more fun at home

Sorry, movie theaters. They just are. You can talk as loudly as you want, ask all the questions, let those full-bellied giggles out, the works.

4. Because you can make out as much as you want

As I already mentioned, the holiday of love will lead to lovin'. If you want to make out with your SO in the middle of your meal, it's just easier to do that without neighboring eyes on you.

5. Because everywhere else is just too crowded

Couples want to be out and about, singles want to rebel and celebrate their freedom, and that leads to everyone being everywhere. Lines suck and crowds are stressful, so just avoid it and don't leave the house.

6. Because home is where the pants come off

And a no pants party is the best kind of party.

7. Because hotels are gross

Germaphobes, unite! People get freaky in hotels because nothing inside the rooms belongs to them. And I know the sheets get washed and the tub gets scrubbed, blah blah blah. It doesn't make it any less unsettling to think about it though.

8. Because love is best expressed without an audience

All you need is this other person to share the day with. So spend this time with just the two of you, sans strangers and other couples. It's just more enjoyable that way.

Image: Valentine's Day/New Line Cinema; Giphy (8)