7 Reasons Thin Hair Isn't As Bad As It Seems

Thanks to my ethnic background, my hair was always pretty fine growing up. Thin hair runs in the family, so over the years, I learned all of the ways to style and manage my Asian hair, from my mom to my aunts. It took a lot of work to figure it out, but it definitely made me appreciate what I was born with. If you've always longed for luxurious, thick hair, I'm here to remind you of the reasons thin hair isn't as bad as it seems, no matter how frustrating it can be when you've got a tiny little topknot on your head.

While my hair was already thin to begin with, over the years, I've had to pay extra attention to my haircare routine. Because of the coloring and my avid change in hairstyles, my hair strands have become even more delicate, and now, I tend to lose more hair while brushing. Relentlessly though, I've learned how to style my thin hair and have found ways to deal with it and embrace it.

Although my hair isn't as thick as I sometimes wish it was, I'm actually OK with having my fine, thin hair. I've got to admit, having thin hair allows me to fix it at a quicker pace and maintain it better. Seriously, it can have its perks! Here are some of the reasons you should be praising your thin hair:

1. Thin Hair Is Easy To Curl

Having thin hair allows you to curl more hair at a time with less sections. While you always have to be careful about using heating tools with fine hair, curling thing hair is not just quicker to do, but also easier because it holds the curl better. Rather than having to allocate an hour to curling, I can basically make my straight hair turn into beachy waves in 15 minutes.

2. Braiding Thin Hair Takes Less Time

While braiding might take more time than usual, having thin hair allows you to braid efficiently and quickly. You also don't have to worry about straining your arm muscles when French braiding, and you can usually get the perfect braid in one try.

3. Experimenting With Different Styles Is Easy

With fine hair, your strands are able to loosely experiment with a bunch of different hair styles. Whether you want it to be really short, super long, or somewhere in between, it's easier to fix and mold your hair in whatever shape, size or form, no matter what your cut is like.

4. Thin Hair Can Hold Updos Longer

Instead of breaking multiple hair ties while attempting to tie your hair in less than three loops, having fine hair allows you to put your hair up effortlessly. The lighter your strands are, the easier it is to keep them up all day, without having to scrunch your hair up there every 10 minutes.

5. Thin Hair Holds Product Well

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Thin hair absorbs product really well. You may not realize it, but having thin hair really helps you save money and not waste so much product.

6. Thin Hair Is Easy To Wash & Condition

Although my hair is pretty long, it's really easy to fully shampoo and condition thoroughly. Plus, you don't have to use so much product when washing. Again, saving money for sure.

7. With Thin Hair, Your Haircut Style Is More Noticeable

Whenever I get a new haircut or style, having thin hair makes you really see a difference. Since thin hair can hold product longer and curl easier, getting a new haircut means having more opportunities to style and experiment. Oh, and more noticeable haircut styles equates to a lot of unexpected compliments. Go, you!

The next time you curse the hair gods for your thin hair, be happy! There are a lot of things to be thankful for when it comes to having flexible, stylish, and easily maintainable strands.

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