The Sexiest High Waisted Undies To Sport For V-Day

by Eliza Florendo

Christian Dior once said "Real elegance is everywhere. Especially in the things that don't show," and I have a feeling he was talking about lingerie. These days, I'm totally feeling high waisted underwear, not only because new iterations have turned them from granny to sexy, but also because they're so damn comfortable. I'm always down for pieces that feel both comfy and look chic, too.

I'm definitely guilty of once thinking "blah" when it came to high waisted panties. But with the rise of granny style — I'm talking cardigans, clogs, vintage brooches, and even grey hair — this particular piece of lingerie began piquing my interest. I mean, I wear mom jeans and high waisted skirts and shorts anyway. Why not make the full transition?

In an effort to "adult" even further (I mean, isn't having a 401k enough?), I've been adding a few staple pieces into my wardrobe. These include a nice camel coat that I definitely won't be leaving at a bar, a nice bucket bag to tote around for work and the weekend, and a few pairs of black trousers that will definitely last more than a few seasons. In short, I've been investing in quality, rather than quantity. But aside from grabbing those staples, the fashion item I've picked up that's made me feel most "grown woman" is a solid set of lingerie.

What better way to join the revolution than Valentine's Day? Maybe a little dinner, a little dancing, a little lingerie? Eh, eh? Whether you've got someone special to spend it with, hanging out with your girlfriends, or spending it alone, there's nothing wrong with adding a little sexiness here and there.

If you're looking to join the (not so) granny revolution with me, shop these pieces, below.

1. The Bright Red

Billabong Lacy Daze High Waist Panties, $16, 6pm

If black ain't your thang, try these out.

2. Hello, Lace

Black Geo Lace Full Panties, $20, simlybe

Lace panels make everything sexy.

3. All White Errythang

For Love & Lemons Ophelia Lace High Waist Briefs, $123, Nordstrom

Or you can have lace everywhere.

4. For Floral Lovers

Point D'Esprit Full Brief By Sophie Theallet, $28, Lane Bryant

With this matching bra? Absolutely in love.

5. Delicates

Love, Courtney by Nasty Gal Sugar Coma High-Waisted Lace Panty, $48, Nasty Gal

These are so pretty, I'd almost feel bad putting them on.

6. Strappy Wonder

Torrid Strappy Mesh High Waist Panty, $20, Torrid

Subtle straps give this sexy number just the little detail it needs.

7. The Sporty Brief

Active Motif High Waisted Briefs, $9, Missguided

I'm obsessed with these. Equal parts sporty, equal parts sexy.

8. Swim Like

Wolf & Whistle Jersey High Waist Brief, $19, ASOS

This pair is so cute, it almost looks bikini-like.

9. Faux Leather

Maison Close Chambre Des Secrets High Waisted Panty, $60, Nancy Meyer

If you're really trying to up your sexy game, these are the perfect panties for you.

10. Mesh

Fleur Du Mal Fishnet High Waisted Panty, $85, Fwrd

And another to add to the super sexy list.

11. Cutouts

Wolf & Whistle Lace Brief, $18, ASOS

Taking cutouts to a whole new level.

Convinced yet? Luckily, Valentine's Day is still three weeks away. Until then, keep browsing these gorgeous pieces. I'll definitely be sporting a pair. To dinner. By myself. Hey, what's a better date than that?

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Images: Courtesy of Brands