10 Scary Winter Storm Jonas Maps

It's one thing to look out your window and try to understand the effects of a major snowstorm, but you don't always get the full picture that way. Luckily, with the help of science and meteorology, there have been a myriad of maps popping up on social media to inform people of the anticipated effects of snowstorm Jonas. It is the biggest snowstorm of the year and the Northeast is preparing accordingly.

Areas like Delaware and eastern Maryland are now under a blizzard watch, similar to Washington, D.C., which is expected to be hit the hardest. Snowfall predictions range anywhere from as little as 5 inches in the New York metropolitan area to as much as 24 inches in Baltimore. Although many people are freaking out about the expected snowstorm's effects, meteorologists are seemingly excited about this weather phenomenon. According to Slate, one meteorologist called the storm "perfect," and the meteorologist who wrote the textbook on major Northeast storms actually called winter storm Jonas "textbook." (So that's comforting.)

The emptying grocery stores and flight cancellations are an indication of how powerful this storm will be, but the experts are here with maps to show you what's really going on this weekend. From expected snowfall in different areas to power outage locations, these maps will help you understand what could happen when snowstorm Jonas hits:

Official Snowfall Projections

Power Outages

Weather Predictions

Unofficial Winter Storm Jonas Coverage

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