Why Emily's 'PLL' Treatments May Not Be Fatal

We knew that Pretty Little Liars Season 6B was going to involve seeing some major changes with our core characters. Some of them have been for the better (like Veronica Hastings running for State Senate), and some of them, well, not so much (like Hanna and Caleb's break up). However, I think we can all agree that the most unsettling news thus far has been the mysterious treatments Emily has been receiving on Pretty Little Liars . Many viewers (myself included) are worried that these injections suggest that she has a serious illness, but that's just the worst case scenario. It's also entirely possible that Emily is donating her eggs for money and these treatments are to help further along the process.

This season has made it clear that Emily is suffering financially and is in desperate need of money. We're not sure what exactly happened to cause this, given that her dad had supposedly left her a decent sum of money upon his death, but for whatever reason, this Liar needs a payout and soon. Now, anyone who has ever been lacking in the cash flow department knows that egg donors can make some serious bank. (Don't pretend like you haven't been tempted by those posts on Craigslist once or twice.) In fact, profits can reach up all the way up to $10,000, according to the New York Times. So if Emily really does need money, this is definitely one way to go about doing so.

During her hospital visit, Emily told her physician that these treatments "have to work." Naturally, our minds can't help but insinuate that this means she has something fatal and is fearful for her life. But her adamancy could be due to all the debt that she's found herself in and needs to qualify as an egg donor ASAP. After all, her credit card was declined when she tried to pay for parking, so we know she's in dire straits.

Adding further fuel to this theory fire, it's definitely worth mentioning that this plot could be yet another example of how the show could borrow elements from Sara Shephard's books and create their own version of events. (Warning: book spoilers ahead!) In the book Wicked, Emily becomes pregnant with her boyfriend Isaac's baby and later gives the baby up for adoption. Now, granted, Emily becoming an egg donor is by no means an exact parallel of this storyline, but even if Emily isn't becoming pregnant herself, her actions could still result in a baby that will go to someone else. Kinda like how Ali had a sister twin in the books, but ended up having a secret older sister on the show. The details may be different, but the concept of the storyline (having a mysterious sibling) was still pretty much the same. Emily's plot could be heading down a similar path.

Could this theory be wrong? Of course. When it comes to PLL nothing is certain. But you have to admit it's a much brighter outlook than the alternative. When it comes to Emily's fate, I'll take her money troubles over a fatal illness every day of the week. For more PLL theories, check out Bustle's latest podcasts below:

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