Did You Know You Can Do These Things At Disney?

For a lot of kids, going to a Disney park is a dream come true. While I never took a family vacation to Disney myself, it was definitely one of the things I daydreamed about as a child. My ideas about Disney were decidedly vague: Lots of people in costume, lots of delicious food, and probably lots of walking. Lo and behold, though, it turns out there are a ton of things you probably didn't know you could do at Disney, even as an adult, that will surprise you! In fact (and this blew my mind), you can get married at a Disney park, and yes, the experience does appear as magical as you'd imagine.

As Rachel Paige, a former employee of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, explains over at HelloGiggles that not only can you get married in a Disney park, but moreover, you actually have a lot of options on how exactly you want to this dream to come true. From the start, you've got your choice of locations: In the United States, you can tie the knot either at the Disneylandy Resort in California or at WDW in Florida. While both do have varying costs and options available depending on what you want on your big day, they each offer a huge attention to detail and theme — which, if you're getting married at Disney, I'm willing to bet is pretty important to you.

For example, you can get married in one of the actual theme parks (though it has to be before the park officially opens for the day). If you want to get married while the sun is comfortably out, however, you can also have your ceremony in any of the World Showcase pavilions at EPCOT, so it's basically the same as going abroad for your wedding. And yes, you can have Disney characters at your wedding. If you don't want to be on the land, but still want a Disney wedding, you can even get married on a Disney Cruise, where you have your ceremony on the ship and choose a three-, four-, or seven-night journey.

Learning that you can get married at Disney parks made me wonder what other surprises Disney held that I probably would never guess. In addition to having your wedding on Disney property, here's a list of some of the more surprising things you can do at Disney's parks for a total of five totally unexpected and completely magical experiences:

1. You Can Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

That's right: You can ride in a hot air balloon above Walt Disney World. I know plenty of people go to Disney as adults to enjoy the "kid" stuff, but I have to say, this seems like a really nice option for people who want to enjoy Disney while still getting some time away from the noise and crowds. There's option for a tethered hot air balloon that goes above Disney Springs at a height of about 400 feet in the air, which is open for people of all ages. There are also outside companies which fly hot air balloons over Disney, which are a good deal more expensive, but arguably more romantic and relaxing (if that's what you're looking for).

2. You Can Go Fishing

Yup. You can go to Disney World and go fishing. At the WDW Resort in Florida, you even have the option between doing a Guided Fishing Excursion and standard Dockside Fishing. While these activities are available for people of all ages, I can definitely see it as a relaxing way to spend time with your family away from the general fast pace of the parks. Or, you know, just spend some quality time with yourself and the fish.

3. You Can Spend Some Quality Time at the Spa... And Request The Princess Treatment

For some reason, this shocked me, but there are apparently a ton of spas available at both Disneyland and Disney World! You can get a wide variety of spa treatments at Disney World, as well as at Disneyland, but I think the best option is actually the Princess Treatment. Admittedly, you have to be between the ages of three and 12 to do this; however, I think it's so adorable it's worth mentioning. At the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Disney Springs, you can get "live your own fairy tale" by getting your hair, nails, and makeup done in the style of your favorite Disney Princess. And if you're on board for the full treatment, you can even get a costume while you're there.

4. You Can Literally Swim with the Fish

You can go scuba diving at Disney World! How awesome is that?! For this, you have to be at least a "tween," and it costs a pretty penny at about $179 per person. WDW promises "calm seas, no current, unlimited visibility, and incredible marine life and coral" which, to me, sounds like the makings of a perfect dive. This occurs at the Caribbean Coral Reef, and in addition to the diving time, you get a tour of the infrastructure and behind-the-scenes of the reef. You do need a prior SCUBA certification to participate, though if you don't have one and someone you're traveling with wants to take the plunge, you can watch them through the glass. Ah, so cool.

To be fair, everyone goes on vacation for different reasons, so if these things aren't to your personal taste, there are tons of other unique things to do at Disney. While getting married at Disney may make you feel like all of your childhood dreams are coming true, you needn't make the commitment just so you have a fun time at the parks. Can't go to Disney, but are now, like I am, super intrigued? There's a good amount of historical information about Disney to dig through, as well as little known facts about Disney, to satiate your curiosity. Have fun!

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