Here's When Most Couples First Have Sex

We're always comparing notes: Where do I get the best coffee? What dating app should I use? Where should I go to dinner? Another thing we can put on that list: How long do couples wait before having sex? According to The Daily Mail, Match has released a survey of 2,000 Brits about sex and love, and the answers are intriguing. For example, 28 percent of people said that toothbrushes are not usually left at a partner's place until six months into a relationship, which seems insane to me. What are you supposed to do until then? Buy one of those stupid toothbrush covers that always look like a good idea but I never think to buy when I'm at a store that sells them, and haul your toothbrush around in your already-laden bag all the time on the off chance that you might wind up at your partner's place at the end of the night? No, thanks.

As fascinating as our jolly British friends' toothbrush customs may be, their sex habits are probably a bit more interesting. Here's what you need to know about sex across the pond, including when most couples first had sex:

1. One Or Two Weeks Are All It Takes For 27 Percent Of Brits

For some, a week or two feels like the right amount of time to wait before having sex for the first time. Match reports that 27 percent of Brits hop between the sheets between week one and week two of a new liaison.

2. 23 Percent Wait A Month For Sex

For others, the moon has to undergo a full cycle before they're ready for sex with a new partner. Twenty-three percent of those surveyed said they prefer to wait a little longer before sex.

3. This Is When 36 Percent Are Down With Getting Naked With The Lights On

A whopping 36 percent said that it would take them a month or less to disrobe with the lights on. For those who said that it would take them less time to have sex, but more time to feel comfortable naked in the light with a new partner: logistically, that sounds difficult.

4. Sex Without Love Is The Norm

Though over half reported that they're down with sex in the first month or less, the average time it takes for Brits to drop the L-bomb is 144 days, or just about five months. These days, it takes a lot longer to say, "I love you" than it does to say, "Let's bang." Though I hope no one out there is actually saying, "Let's bang." I can't imagine that ending well for anyone.

5. This Is The Age Brits Met Their Partners

The magic number seems to be 27, the average age that Brits met their partners. Women are usually a little younger, at 25, and men a bit older, at 28; either way, a whopping half of respondents met their matches in their twenties.

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