Kylie Jenner Just Carried The Most Adorable Bag

Sneakers, furry pom pom key chains, you name it and this girl’s got it because her accessory game is on-point. Kylie Jenner’s eyeball bag is too adorable not to shop for yourself. She just recently posted a picture carrying the bag while rocking a matching pair of sweats because a bag like this goes with any outfit. Jenner doesn’t always carry bags, but when she does, they’re absolutely adorable.

This tiny bag happens to have two big eyes on the front with fur on the sides because it’s important for your bag to match your fur vest, after all. While you may not be able to afford the same super quirky bag as Jenner, there are plenty of accessories plastered with googly eyes that will help you get your cute accessory game on the same level as hers. Because who could pass up the opportunity to carry a quirky bag or have eyeball-covered jewelry and more?

Check out Jenner’s latest and most adorable accessory to date. Then, shop similar wares for yourself because who says your bag carrying game can’t be just as strong as hers, you know? Besides, if googly eyes are in (and Jenner says they are), you’re going to want to take them with you everywhere you go.

I see you, cutie.

It's so cute. I just can't.

1. Googly Eye Keychain

Large Fluff Ball Keychain, $10, ASOS

This is going to be the very best friend your keys (or whatever you hook this to) could ever have.

2. Cute As Eye Can Be Headband

I Still Love You NYC Tatnna Headband, $53, Nasty Gal

This unique headband will certainly get you noticed, you quirky gal, you.

3. Eye See You Purse

Eye-C-U Bag, $65, Shop Jeen

This clutch will hold everything you need, and be super cute to boot.

4. Wink, Wink Phone Case

Flirting iPhone Cover, $40, Chiara Ferragni Collection

This girly iPhone case is too fun not to own.

5. One Eye Open Clutch

No More Tears Holographic Clutch, $34, Nasty Gal

Just look at it. It's so shiny!

6. Closed Eyes Critter Bag

Pick of the Critter Bag, $55, ModCloth

A sleepy critter bag is just the kind of thing you need.

7. Eye Only Want Everything Bag

Eye Want It All Makeup Bag, $24, ASOS

Umm, I just want to carry all of my things in this, please.

8. Eye, Eye Bracelet Set

Eye Oh My Bracelet Set, $8, ModCloth

A slightly more subtle way of keeping one eye open is the sometimes the best way to go.

9. Don't Mind If Eye Do Beanie

Flirting Hat, $148, Chiara Ferragni Collection

What a great way to stay warm!

Follow Jenner's lead with these adorable eye accessories. Because you just can't go wrong with these.

Images: Courtesy Brands (9); Giphy (1)