Here's The Only 'GoT' Season 5 Refresher You Need

by Loretta Donelan

Season 6 of Game of Thrones is fast approaching, but not fast enough (the season is set to premiere in April 2016, which is just too far away if you ask me). If you're like me, in order to prepare for Season 6, you might need a quick refresher of what happened in Game of Thrones Season 5. It's understandable — By this point in the series, there are so many characters, alliances, battles, deaths, and betrayals that it's hard to keep track. Season 5 also saw a departure from the familiar territory of the books — and, considering this is supposed to continue into Season 6, it's worth making sure you're all caught up.

I've found that it's good to familiarize myself with the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones before each new one begins so I'm not too lost at the beginning. From the important deaths in Season 1 to the war in Season 2 to the wedding in Season 3 to that one heartbreaking death in Season 4, there's a ton of material to remember, and there's no telling what little plot point could end up being important later on. The most important season to look over now, though, is Season 5 — and to get an idea of where all the characters will be in advance of the upcoming sixth season. So, whether you're hoping to start the series with the sixth season or just want a refresher, here are the key events of Season 5.

1. Jon Snow Allies Himself With The Wildlings

While he is offered the leadership of Winterfell, Jon Snow declines in favor of his Wildling and Night's Watch pals. The Night's Watch are not super happy about this alliance.

2. Sansa Marries The Horrible Ramsay Bolton

Because she literally has THE WORST LIFE in Game of Thrones, Sansa marries the sadistic Ramsay — who rapes her on their wedding night — to form an alliance with the Boltons. Later, she flees with Theon, aka Reek.

3. Margaery And Tommen Get Married

There were multiple weddings on Season 5 of Game of Thrones: Margaery Tyrell marries Joffrey's much nicer brother Tommen. She begins to wield her influence over the youngest Lannister and his family.

4. Daenerys Meets Tyrion

In a moment that was exciting for many Game of Thrones fans who count both characters as their favorites, Tyrion finds the Mother of Dragons at Meereen and becomes her advisor. This is short-lived.

5. Cersei Revives The Faith Militant

Not happy about losing control over King's Landing to the Tyrells and her son Tommen, Cersei brings back the Faith Militant, the military branch of the dominant religion.

6. The Sparrows Gain Control Of King's Landing

The Sparrows, the highly religious group brought to King's Landing by Lancel Lannister, begin to enforce their beliefs harshly. They imprison Cersei and Margaery — though they allow Cersei to escape after a terrible "walk of shame."

7. Stannis Kills His Own Daughter

In one of the most horrible moments in Season 5, the influence of Melisandre persuades Stannis to burn his own daughter Shireen at the stake. Most of Stannis' forces desert him.

8. Stannis Is Defeated

Stannis and his remaining allies fight a battle with the Boltons. At the end of the season, Stannis appears dead at the hands of Brienne of Tarth — but who really knows with this show.

9. Daenerys Is Separated From Her Troops

Drogon, the most hilariously named dragon, picks up Daenerys after she is attacked, and they fly away — rendering her separated from Jorah, Daario, and Tyrion. Jorah and Daario go on a mission to find her.

10. Arya Goes Blind

Arya Stark busies herself murdering the horrible Meryn Trant in Braavos, and, in doing so angers the Many-Faced God. Her sight is taken away as punishment.

11. Jon Snow "Dies"

The Night's Watch decides that Jon Snow is a traitor and kills him, leaving him for dead. Or is he?

So, those were the highlights from Season 5. Hopefully, you have enough of an idea of where everyone is to go into Season 6 with the confidence and bluster of a rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

Image: HBO, Giphy (11)