These Snow Memes Are Too Real

Blizzards are a lot like dinner parties, in that they can be fun while they're happening (or completely painful, depending on who you're spending it with), but the enormous amount of cleanup you're left with afterwards makes you think you'd be better off running away to Aruba to live a minimalist life in the Caribbean wild. These funny snow memes get that — now, more than ever. Winter Storm Jonas may have died down, but not before dumping an unreal amount of snow on the East Coast. Guys, what if we're buried like this forever?

Of course, that's just the ramblings of a stir-crazy woman who hasn't left her box-like apartment in two days due to irreconcilable differences with Mother Nature. Eventually, the piles of snow lining the streets will disappear, the roads will clear up, transportation will resume as normal, and Winter Storm Jonas will just be a blip in our memories that will only light up the next time a winter storm warning is in effect (so, probably like, next month). But in the meantime, you might be looking for some ways to cope with the soft, freezing cold mountains of fluff that stretch on outside your window for as far as the eye can see. The best medicine? Laughter. These memes are for you.

Why people purposefully submerge their entire bodies in snow is beyond me. Snow angels = hard pass.

Every day for a long, long time.

Yeah sure, you'll be right there.

Can I trade in my snow day for a full-expense paid vacation to the Bahamas?

We're all just having a blast.

Props to whoever this is for being a freaking genius.


I mean, if you insist, Ryan.

They deserve it, too.

Don't worry — there's some for everyone.

Can we agree to stop talking about this now?

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