Lala Is Taking Stassi's 'Vanderpump' Spot

by Kayla Hawkins

I think most Vanderpump Rules fans assumed that when Stassi Schroeder left the show after Season 3, the show would be missing something. But somehow, Season 4 is just as good as Season 3 — actually, with the addition of new blood, it seems like the show might even be better this season. And in the absence of the original queen bee of SUR, I assumed it might be Kristen or Katie or Scheana who would ascend to the new throne (at different times, they've all been very popular with the rest of the cast), but turns out, Lala Kent is the new Stassi.

Seriously, the comparison works surprisingly well, even though on the surface it doesn't seem like they have very much in common. But ever since Lala joined the show and James ascended to the position of a dastardly villain, the show got really good, while so far remaining Stassi-free, and Lala has become the newest heir to her throne. Obviously the true queen of Vanderpump Rules is Lisa Vanderpump, but Lala serves a particularly Stassi-like role. She's always drawing the camera and the storylines of the show, even though she's not even an official cast member yet. She's made out with people, fought with them, and always seems to have a reaction ready to whatever is going on. Does that not sound exactly like what Stassi was like?

She's Wonderfully Profane

Both Stassi and Lala get a liberal dose of the "bleep" button in order to make their Vanderpump Rules dialogue Bravo-appropriate. And she's also not afraid to potentially overshare, the same way Stassi never let TMI keep her from sharing a juicy piece of gossip onscreen.

Her "Boyfriend" Is The Resident Villain

Now, after so many seasons, Jax doesn't seem so scandalous anymore, but when the show first started, he was definitely portrayed as a pretty rotten boyfriend and there were infidelity rumors surrounding him. Sounds a lot like James in Season 4.

She Always Gets Her Way

Stassi was always determined to get exactly what she wanted, whether it was badgering Jax into doing something or snapping at the other SUR-vers in order to make sure they adhere to professional standards. Lala is the same way, and she's already clashed with people a few times.

She's Young

When Stassi started the show on Season 1, she was only 25, which is the same age Lala is right now. And as one of the younger people in the cast, that helps to explain some of her slightly immature ways.

She's Modeled

Most of the Vanderpump cast is a hyphenate of some kind, be it a model-actress, blogger-sweater designer, or some other combination of all of the above. And, like Stassi, Lala has supplemented her modeling career with her work at SUR.

Seriously, between all of these similarities, I don't even know if Stassi returning to Vanderpump Rules is even necessary... though, of course, the only thing better than having one Stassi Schroeder, it's having two.

Image: Giphy; LalaKent/Instagram