Nick Cannon Reacts To Mariah Carey's Engagement In A Funny, Sweet Way — PHOTO

Social media can be a blessing and a curse. Especially when you're trying to get over an ex and suddenly a photo appears on Facebook signifying that the person is dating someone else. While that's a struggle that ordinary, non-famous people face, I would guess celebrities have it way worse. Imagine all of the headlines and paparazzi photos as soon as your former partner moves on to someone new? Yikes! That's immediately where my mind went when news broke of Mariah Carey engagement to James Packer, an Australian billionaire. How does Nick Cannon feel about his ex getting engaged? Don't worry, it's actually all good. Naturally the actor approached it in his signature way — with a sense of humor. Sharing a meme on Instagram, Cannon wrote,

Ha! This made me laugh out loud for real!!! HILARIOUS! #AllLove Congrats to @MariahCarey and James! May God Bless Your Future Union... #GreatPeople #GreatCouple

To add some context, the photo he shared is a screenshot from his BET show with Kevin Hart, Real Husbands of Hollywood . In the picture, Cannon is passed out from shock as Hart says, "It's just a ring, Nick." Clearly he saw the meme floating around and decided to share it, along with his well wishes.

Despite the fact that he joked about the matter, it seems like it was all in good fun, especially since he said there's #AllLove between them. Plus, he referred to Carey and Packer as "great people" and a "great couple." It's nice to see there's no animosity between these exes, since things have been a bit confusing in the past. With random Twitter rants or alleged disses, involving hats and song lyrics alike. The dust has officially settled.

Although their relationship didn't work out, it's awesome to hear they still get along, considering they have a set of twins together, Moroccan and Monroe. When it comes to co-parenting, a strong, supportive relationship is key and that certainly seems like the case here. After all, he once tweeted that he will always love Carey and would never slander her. In a series of tweets back in 2014, Cannon wrote,

I will forever be in debted to her for blessing me with our children... I will always love her unconditionally for this and so much more. @MariahCarey is an amazing Mother and I trust her wholeheartedly.

Around the holidays this year, Cannon even shared some photos of all four of them partaking in some #FestiveFamilyMoments.

While I wouldn't go as far as to say Cannon will be invited to Carey and Packer's wedding (although you never know), it is great that he can congratulate the couple and wish them all the best. Really, that's all any ex can do in this kind of situation.