5 Nerdy Flower Bouquets For Valentine's Day 2016

T. Rexes are brown, Triceratops are green, flowers die and you're my nerd queen. The folks over at ThinkGeek are shaking up Valentine's Day with their wacky and precious dinosaur themed bouquets — the perfect gift for your nerdy Valentine. Because let's be real, while flowers and chocolates might always be appreciated gifts, there's not a lot of thought or creativity involved in purchasing them. And if you live in a city, it's literally impossible to walk down the street and avoid a discount flower stand. And in one week, that very arrangement will end up wilted, dry and crumbling over your Valentine's kitchen table just before she tosses it in the trash. Sorry, but w omp, womp.

Hence the thought behind the dinosaur bouquet — it's never going to wilt or die like a flower, it's not going to turn into human waste like a box of chocolates and it's not going to be disappoint in your lover's post-Valentine group text brag sesh. "Oh wow, you all got such beautiful flowers and boxes of chocolates ... I hope both gifts make it though the week ... like my dinosaur plush toy bouquet (that includes two T.Rexes, Triceratops and Apatosauruses), that will last forever and are totally void of all holiday cliches..."

But OK, if dinosaurs aren't your thing — which I imagine might be the case for many — ThinkGeek's still got you covered. These think-heavy geeks have dreamed up just about every wacky, unique and surprising bouquet combination you can think of. Here are a few of my favorites:


Because, #kittens. This bouquet comes with nine widdle kittens in three different colors! A super value for your crazy cat lady friends or lovers.

Plush Kitten Bouquet, $50, ThinkGeek


This bouquet has an eclectic group of puppy friends featuring two corgi / chihuahua types, two chocolate lab / pit bull types and two bulldog / pug / boxer types. It really covers a lot of ground within the breed community — one for everyone.

Plush Puppy Bouquet, $49, ThinkGeek

Star Wars

The whole gang's here for this collection. Enjoy the ensamble cast like you've never seen them before; attached to plastic stems and wrapped up in a bouquet with a bow! This collection is a bit more expensive than the others.

Star Wars Bouquet Assortment, $60, ThinkGeek


The perfect gift for your dreamer who sees the world through heart shaped glasses and who swears they once saw a unicorn while on vacation with their family — even though no one saw it but her, she's sure it was there and definitely not just a horse. Show your Valentine that you believe with this special collection of 11 majestic unicorns.

Plush Unicorn Bouquet, $50, ThinkGeek

And for your viewing pleasure, enjoy a short video highlighting ThinkGeeks' whimsical bouquets with the help of some energetic piano playing:

Images: ThinkGeek