12 Reasons Why Writers Make The Best Friends

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When it comes to choosing a friend to be by your side, no group can really stand up to writers. You can argue with me all day about how great your club promoter friends are but I will still stand by writers. It's obviously a biased opinion, but what opinions aren't biased these days? Even if I were not a writer myself, I could still see the benefits of the profession as it pertains to friendship.

It might just be me, but doesn't it seem like the representation for writers in media is just plain wrong? I have seen so many writers portrayed as tragic, low-energy characters — it's no wonder no one thinks they make for the perfect companion. I'm here to set that myth straight. Writers are awesome. Seriously. They are book smart and emotionally understanding. They make for great company. They have endless imaginations and are there to share their stories with you. If you are looking for an interesting friend, writers are your best bet. Trust me on this one. A club promoter can get you into a party on the weekend, but a writer can get you into the hearts and minds of millions through their work (as you can tell, writers are also prone to making huge leaps when weighing their options).

None of this is to say that writers do not have flaws as your friends. They absolutely do. They will get too caught up in things, jump to conclusions based off of a few details — but they are still top notch friends and you should have them in your life. That's why I made this handy list of reasons why writers make the best friends.

1. Proof Reading

Any creative project that you have ever had to do can use the touch of a writer. They can spot some critical mistakes that have slipped by you. While it is never a guarantee that your writing will be perfect, it never hurts to get the eyes of an expert on something.

2. Greatest Birthday Cards

When a writer makes you a happy birthday card they go all out. They will bring up childhood memories, exactly what you mean to them, and all of your good qualities. So get ready to sob. I think writers are the only ones who can make the card the best part of the present.

3. Immortality Through Their Characters

Like I wrote before about your club promoter friends, they might get you into the party but they won't make you immortal. Your writer friends can make incredible characters and then name them after you. I would love to be in a Tina Fey movie!

4. They Just Get You

Writers are sensitive. They have to be in order to make believable characters. That's what makes them such great listeners. In fact, your other friends might get bored by how much you talk about your problems — but not writers. They want all those details in order to store it in their brains for later. (And because they care about you and stuff.)

5. Writers Are The Best Story Tellers

Have you heard a writer tell you a simple story? It's impressive. You get the setting, the characters and the emotion, captured by lyrical words of the storyteller. I love hearing writers tell me stories because I know I'm in for a ride.

6. They Love Staying In

Who better to stay in and watch binge watch TV with than a writer? Writing is such a solitary experience that we know exactly what you mean when you say you aren't feeling the nightlife tonight. We can be quiet and attentive.

7. They Love Going Out

On the other hand, we also know the benefits of going out. Being stuck in front of a computer screen all day really kicks your social cravings into overdrive. We love going out with you and getting experience under our belts.

8. Writers Know A Thing Or Two About Coffee

No one knows about good coffee quite like a writer. We know all the best cafes with free Wi-Fi and we also know what good coffee is period. Staying up late typing is part of the gig, so great coffee is a must. I owe my best work to a great cup of joe.

9. Writer's Block? We Feel You.

No one gets how hard it is to start writing quite like writers. We've developed thousands of tricks to kick our brains into overdrive and we can share those with you if you just ask. Friends who are writers will never push you or scold you for struggling.

10. Amazing Book/Movie/TV Collection

We are a walking/talking/breathing collections of trivia. Why? Because we consume things in order to write better. Our collection of books, movies and television shows would make you crap your pants.

11. Great Guests To Bring To Parties

Everyone struggles with bringing people to parties. Your plus one choice needs to be talkative, but not a hot mess. Writers are your perfect answers. They will talk endlessly with people about anything, yet at the same time they don't crave the attention of an entire room.

12. We're Low Maintenance

We are thinkers. By nature we tend to solve a lot of our own problems. We work through them by writing — almost like therapy. You don't have to worry to much about us. We can be alone and not be lonely. You don't have to hold our hands through life, you can just enjoy the friendship. Yet we are also great at talking about something that's bothering us, so you never end up having to fish for answers.

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