9 Truths To Know Before Sleeping In A Top Knot

by Lindsey Rose Black

A top knot might be your go-to hairstyle day and night, but there are a few truths to know before sleeping in a top knot that you'll want to be mindful of if you rock the look 24/7. Top knots were my constant fallback style before I cut off all my hair into a shaggy pixie and had to learn how to style a super short haircut, so I know a thing or two about sleeping in them! As long as you follow the hacks below, you'll never have to worry about accidentally hurting your hair in a top knot.

Before I dive into the truths to know before sleeping in a top knot, I want to talk for a hot sec about an unfortunate potential side effect of too many top knots called traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is isolated baldness that occurs if you consistently pull on the same hairs over and over. I spoke with Dr. Hadley King, a New York-based dermatologist, and he told me the scary truth about this somewhat dangerous 'do."Hairstyles that pull the hair very tight [like ballerina top knots] can damage the follicle and cause traction alopecia," so make sure to wear your hair down at least sometimes and give your extra tight top knots a break.

As for sleeping in a top knot, below are the top truths to be aware of before typing your hair up and hitting the pillow.

1. The Right Hair Tie Matters

Emi-Jay Hair Tie Collection, $11, Amazon

Hair ties with metal clasps can cause serious breakage to your strands. Invest in soft hair ties before you consider sleeping in a top knot.

2. Donut Rollers Add Volume

Donut Rollers, $3, Amazon

If you're trying to preserve a blow out by putting hair into a soft top knot, Harper's Bazaar shared your best bet is investing a foam hairstyling "donut" that won't pull your hair too tight.

3. Bobby Pins Create Waves

Goody Styling Essentials Bobby Pins, $10, Amazon

Trying to achieve subtle, natural-looking waves? Simply twist your hair up into a spiral bun on your head and use only pins (no hair tie!) to secure the bun in place. You'll end up with soft and loose locks in the morning when you remove the pins.

4. Wet Hair Will Give Your More Curls

If you twist your hair up into a top knot while it's wet, you'll wake up with more intense and kinky curls in the morning since your hair will dry around the hair tie. Alternatively, a dry hair top knot will give you volume and lift the next day instead.

5. Volumizing Root Spray Is Worth It

Suave Volumizing Root Boost Spray, $6, Walgreens

To get the most lift possible from your top knot, spritz your freshly washed hair with volumizing spray. You'll notice the difference when you wake up!

6. Silk Pillowcases Keep Your Hair Safe

Spasilk 100% Pure Silk Pillowcase, $20, Amazon

Not only are silk pillowcases best for skin, but they also make a difference for your hair! The smoothness of a silk pillowcase means none of the hairs in your top knot will get caught anywhere in the case and create split ends.

7. Alligator Clips Should Be Your Bestie

Alligator Hair Clips, $4, Amazon

According to beauty master Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential, using an alligator clip is the secret to getting post-top bun beach waves. Check out her post to learn exactly how to use an alligator clip for a night time top knot.

8. Securing Your Hair Gently Is Key

As mentioned above, don't forget to keep things gentle when you pull your bun together to avoid traction alopecia. And sleep with your hair down every once in awhile to keep your roots in top shape!

9. Multiple Top Knots Create Ringlets

If you're looking to get a slew of adorable curls, Birchbox advised twisting your hair into multiple top knots before hitting the sheets. Unroll them one by one to reveal a head full of lovely ringlets.

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