Here's What Brendan Dassey Is Up To Now

by April Siese

As fans continue to binge watch and re-watch Netflix's Making A Murderer, more has developed in the case of Steven Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey. Avery was reportedly approached by former Calumet County prosecutor Ken Kratz, who wrote him a letter seeking a confession for a planned book he was writing about the case. That exchange took place last year and was recently posted on Twitter by Avery's new attorney, Kathleen Zellner. Based on a recent Twitter Q&A with the co-creators of Making A Murderer, Avery is apparently hopeful that Zellner will be a solid advocate for him. Likewise, much has changed for Avery's nephew as well. What is Brendan Dassey up to now?

Dassey's cousin Carla Chase recently took to Twitter to offer information to fans as well as ways to support both Dassey and Avery. Most recently, Dassey had been transferred from Green Bay Correctional Institution in Allouez, Wisconsin, where he had been serving a majority of his life sentence. Dassey is now at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, just 120 miles from Allouez. Columbia Correctional Institution was the first such facility that Dassey was placed in after his conviction. He served 26 months there before his first transfer to Green Bay.

Though it has yet to be confirmed by officials at either prison, Chase has claimed that Dassey was moved due to safety concerns. She states that he is making the most of his transfer and making new friends in the Columbia Correctional Institute. Chase also tweeted out a recent photo of Dassey with his mother, Barbara Janda, presumably taken during the winter holiday season. The tweet has received countless messages of support from those who've watched the show and believe that Dassey is innocent, despite his confession.

Those who are interested in doing something for Dassey and his uncle now have additional options as well as ways of connecting with the Avery and Dassey family. Chase has been representing the family on social media and has helped establish a Facebook group as well as a fund for their investigative efforts in getting the two released from jail. Avery and Dassey are in prison for convictions in their alleged role in the murder of Teresa Halbach. Bustle has reached out to Chase for comment. No additional updates have been made available about Dassey since his transfer, though many who believe he is innocent are hoping that his next move is his release; Dassey's legal team is still working toward an appeal.

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