Stylists Share Their Secrets For Static-Free Hair

We all know how it goes: You put on and take off seven different sweaters before inevitably just wearing the first one you pulled out of the drawer. All's well that ends well... except for that insane cloud of static hair you now have surrounding your head. Unfortunately for those of us experiencing winter weather right now, the cold, dry air makes this hypothetical scenario even more likely to become reality. Why, you may ask? Well let me drop some science on you. Static electricity is caused by friction between two objects (like your sweater and your hair) rubbing together. The friction causes loose electrons to jump from one object to the other, making your hair now positively charged and thus flying around like a wacky waving inflatable tube man. And the dry air of the winter makes your hair that much more likely to lose its electrons.

Cold, dry winter air is inevitable but static hair doesn't have to be. I asked a couple hair experts to give me their sage wisdom on how to avoid looking like a human feather duster. Here are some tips on how to stay smooth and sleek all winter long.

NINE ZERO ONE Stylist Marissa Marino

Marissa Marino, stylist at the ever-cool Hollywood salon NINE ZERO ONE, has a majorly impressive list of celebrity clients. If Selena Gomez trusts Marissa with her luscious locks, I'll certainly trust her static hair prevention hacks.

1. Spritz On Moisturizing Spray

7SECONDS Leave In Detangler, $20, Amazon

According to Marino, static hair is often lacking moisture. For a quick fix, she likes a spritz of leave in conditioner. "My favorite leave in conditioner, 7SECONDS from Unite, instantly tames the static. It provides the perfect amount of moisture without weighing my hair down," she tells me over email.

2. Use Dryer Sheets On Your Hair

Bounce Dryer Sheets, $7, Amazon

Yep, this hack you may have heard about is stylist-approved. "Another trick that always works is to rub a dryer sheet over your hair," Marino explains. "The way they work to prevent static cling on your clothes, it does the same for your hair!"

Celebrity Hairstylist Sarah Potempa

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sarah Potempa is the inventor of the Beachwaver — aka the magic tool that helps all the Victoria Secret Angels achieve their flawless waves — so you better believe she knows a thing or two about keeping hair smooth and silky.

1. Add Hairspray

Aussie Sprunch Hairspray, $17, Amazon

But don't just spray it all over your head — that can add too much weight. "To get rid of static and frizz, spray a flexible hairspray like Aussie's Sprunch Hairspray on the BEACHWAVER Co.'s On Set Styling Brush," Potempa says. "The combination of the nylon and the boar bristle on the brush will evenly distribute the product to keep static down."

2. Leave Conditioner In

"In the shower, leave a little bit of your conditioner on the ends to add moisture to the hair while avoiding frizz," Potempa advises. While the water's still running, use a paddle brush to evenly distribute the product. "This will allow you to de-tangle hair in the shower and not have to brush wet hair after," she explains.

3. Add Cool Temperatures

"Closing the cuticle will also help with avoiding static," Potempa tells me. "This includes a cool rinse in the shower and a cool shot from the blow dryer." Your strands will be silky as can be!

4. Take A Dryer Sheet To Your Pillow

Citing Marino's favorite surprising product as well, Potempa says, "If all else fails, rub a dryer sheet on your pillow at night to help avoid waking up with static!"

Hopefully these tricks keep your hair static free all winter long!

Images: Courtesy NINE ZERO ONE, Brands; Gratisography/Pexels; Ryan Flippo, Kristen Mangulsone/Unsplash; Bianca Consunji/Bustle