Marlboro Man Eric Lawson Dies of Smoking-Related Respiratory Failure

Eric Lawson, then man who acted in all the way back in the 1970s, has died of a smoking-related illness. According to his wife, Susan Lawson, the 72-year-old actor had been for a while, and passed away over two weeks ago of respiratory failure. Sadly, he is not the first Marlboro man to die from a smoking-related illness — in fact, he is the fourth one so far. ; ; . "Smoking kills" has never been more on-point.

Lawson had reportedly been smoking since the age of 14. His stint as a Marlboro actor lasted from 1978 to 1981, after which he appeared in several well-known TV shows and movies, .

Interestingly, after he stopped acting in Marlboro commercials, Lawson actually came to speak out against cigarettes — he even . Unfortunately, he was still smoking at the time, though he actively quit when he learned he had COPD.

Here's one of his infamous Marlboro commercials:


Lawson's death coincides with the and new reports that — than ever. As Bustle reported:

Cigarette users could still smoke fewer cigarettes and still get the same amount of nicotine, which some studies have suggested could be . In other words, it’s 15 percent harder to quit than it was in 1998...

Even more alarming is the fact that nicotine content in cigarettes has remained the same — but the amount a cigarette delivers has increased. Cigarette manufacturers in the past have argued that may lead to more nicotine delivery, but the study’s researchers are pushing back against this explanation.