Here's How To Recreate Kylie Jenner's Rocker Look

Demi Lovato has moved on from her leather, studs, and often all-black rocker chick look. But that's okay, because that style void is being filled, as Kylie Jenner has adopted a rock 'n' roll style lately. She has picked up the goth x rock chick baton and run with it, incorporating lots of black and "tougher" elements into her look, like her leather and chains, mini-dominatrix dress from the 2016 AMAs. Jenner's latest monochromatic ensemble is her most rock chick chic outfit to date, IMO. That's because she is rocking a Marilyn Manson t-shirt with her black leather leggings. It doesn't get any more hardcore than that.

Jenner paired the outfit a black coat, boots, a backpack, black sunnies, and super messy hair. She totally looked like she was on her way to a concert in Hollywood. I love seeing this side of Jenner, especially since it falls in line with my own person style.

I was bummed when Lovato retired her rock chick presentation in favor of more super sexy looks. But Jenner has been playing with rock 'n roll elements, which never, ever go out of style. It suits her, too.

While I am not certain that the teen reality star listens to Manson's music while in her car running errands, she does look good.

All-black is anything but boring. Jenner's decision to wear a rock tee reminds me of Lady Gaga, who spent her summer in shredded, vintage, rock 'n' roll tops.

Messy black hair, don't care. Even her follicles match her outfit.

I can quickly recreate this ensemble for you.

You can go with a more fitted tee, like this one. ($35,

Or you can rock this oversized, creepy tour shirt. Jenner's shirt is baggy and you can go that route. ($40,

Then there's this. I like it, since his lips are so dramatic, like Jenner's! ($14,

You can also get creative by thrifting shirts or searching eBay for versions with other graphics, cuts, or bands you may prefer. These were just to get you started and on your rock 'n' roll way.

Next, add leather leggings. These are my absolute faves — the Daria Pant. These leggings are vegan faux leather, super stretchy, and sexy. Plus, they look real. They conform to your body and are as comfy as sweats. Full disclosure: I own three pair because I love them that much. They are a bit pricy, but they go with everything and will last forevs. ($135,

If the Darias aren't in your budget, there are plenty of affordable faux leather leggings out there. This Via Spiga pair is super cute and comfy. ($26.95,

Depending on the time of year, you can add a coat, Doc Martens, boots, Converse, or platform pumps. The top and leggings are the core pieces to build around. The look is so versatile that it will be in style all year round.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2); Courtesy Bravado (3); Courtesy Brands (2)