How To Get Rid Of Split Ends Easily

One of the biggest beauty questions is how to get rid of split ends without cutting all your hair off. As a long-time hair dyer, I recently chose a dramatic a-line bob cut. I now have a fear of hair cutting (A fear of hair abandonment?), because I miss my long mermaid-y hair from this past summer. However, I soon fear a future of bad split ends, and now have to deal with the fact that I need a little extra help.

In terms of hair care, you hear a lot of different approaches. Most include avoiding too much heat exposure, intense dyes, and unnatural products. However, I know a lot of women who believe you have to spend bank on professional hair products to upkeep a shiny, healthy, quality. That is a common misconception. In fact, a lot of what you need to get great quality hair or make your own hair masks can be found in your kitchen or a local drug store for not a ton of money. Whoever thought that yogurt, bananas, and beer could be so good for your mop?

Additionally, being oily is not always a bad thing. I grew up washing my hair every time I took a shower, until my best friend opened my eyes. Washing my hair so often was causing breakage instead of protecting my hair! I then experimented with several techniques: three days sans washing made my hair too gross, but alternating days was socially acceptable. The dry shampoo from DryBar combined with argan oil made my hair look revitalized after a few days of shampoo abandonment.

I started to wonder what else I could use to help my split ends from terrorizing all of my colleagues and clients. I started to do some digging, and found a few ways to help heal split ends sans getting a chop:

1. Argan Oil

Hask Argan Oil, $3, Ulta

I use the small version of this Hask Argan Oil bottle and it makes a real impact. Plus, my hair then smells like oranges for the rest of the day, which is pretty cool too.

2. Coconut Oil

All Good Organic Coconut Oil, $12.74, Pharmacy

Conscious Coconut Oil, $17.99, Pharmacy

Coconut oil is pretty much the savior in terms of hair care, skin care, bad breakups, et cetera. You can replace pretty much everything you own for skin and hair care with coconut oil. End of story.

3. Folic Acid & Biotin

Nature's Bounty Folic Acid Tablets, $7.79, CVS

Folic Acid and Biotin are used for hair growth, so it is no surprise that they can aid in split end care treatment, as AOL reports. If you're going to take pills, supplements with Vitamin B like fish oil can work miracles, according to the Huffington Post.

4. Avocado Masks

OK, so everybody and their mother on the Internet believes they know the right way to make an avocado hair mask. Some include honey, some have lemon, and others essential oil or yogurt. I say, do whatever the heck you want. Try it all. Despite all the noise, avocado hair masks seem to really work in the healthy shiny department. So, pick one and give it a try.

5. Style With A Good Leave-In Conditioner

DryBar Bay Breeze Hydrating Shot, $10, Sephora

This is for the girl on the go! Protect your hair with a good leave-in conditioner, as Seventeen suggests, or spray like these mini, purse-accessible, Bay Breeze hydrating shots from DryBar. They won't leave your hair greasy and will liven up any dead ends. Additionally, you can use conditioner on wet hair and comb through regular conditioner. P.S. Don't brush your hair when it's wet; it causes breakage!

6. Food!

There is something to be said for the good, old fashioned, food pyramid. While hair masks are nice, homemade remedies are nicer. Papaya and bananas are filled with amino acids, yogurt has lactic acid, the malt of a beer nourishes and gives hair volume, and Blake Lively is an "egghead," according to E! So, try something new!

7. Olive Oil & Honey

Honey is a natural miracle. It is a source of antioxidants, aids and alleviates acne, is great for hair and skin, aids sore throats, and is a natural sweeter. The addition of an antioxidant rich olive oil pairing makes for a strong combination in aiding skin and hair quality.

Want some more DIY masks and tips? YouTube is full of them:

Good luck and I hope your breakage is minimal!

Image: Angelina Litvin/Unsplash