12 'The Bachelorette' Contestants Who Totally Should Have Been Named The Bachelor

I never begin my viewing of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette heavily invested in the contestants. I don't bother to look them up beforehand, stare at their social media accounts, or let any premeditated judgments take over. Instead, I let them unveil themselves as the season progresses. But I, much like most fans of the franchise, am not immune to picking favorites. I'd say by around week three or week four, I already know who I believe deserves to win — and I know who I believe deserves to become the next leading lady or man. (Usually, those are two different people).

In all my viewing of the show, it's become clear that when it comes to choosing the next Bachelor or Bachelorette, certain people — those who were there for the right reasons! Who deserved a second chance at love! — just get snubbed. I understand why The Bachelor execs choose who they choose, and I get that they can't please us all. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't have my own opinions about who should ultimately get the title of the Bachelor or Bachelorette.

So, in an effort to avenge all of the men who should have had another shot, here are 12 The Bachelorette contestants who were never named Bachelor, but definitely should have been.

1. Ian Mckee, Season 2

The adventurous, sandy-haired hunk proposed to Meredith Phillips at the end of Season 2, but the two broke up shortly thereafter. Since this breakup was so new in The Bachelor franchise, it wouldn't have been crazy to cast him as the next Bachelor. His spunky nature would have been fun to watch.

2. Jerry Ferris, Season 3

Katy Winn/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

How sad was it to witness Ferris' proposal get turned down on national TV? Sure, in Season 3, he was technically Jennifer Schefft's "winner" — but when the two broke things off after the season aired, I'm sure that had to sting. He could have definitely used a re-do, and I don't think viewers would have been mad to witness one.

3. Graham Bunn, Season 4

DeAnna Pappas — and the rest of the world — fell for Graham Bunn's kindness, and charitable nature. He was soft spoken, but smart, and all around seemed like a stand up gentleman. Bless him.

4. Kiptyn Locke, Season 5

Locke's wholesome and down to earth demeanor should have made him a shoo-in for The Bachelor. Even though someone else got the gig, I was secretly hoping he would have nabbed the title.

5. Chris Lambton, Season 6

The runner up on Ali Fedotowsky's season was definitely ready for a wife. He practically had "husband material" written all over him.

6. William Holman, Season 7

Holman kind of dropped the ball half way through Ashley Hebert's season when he roasted her a little too hard on their comedy date, but he was so charming and charismatic that fans (OK, me) quickly forgot about the faux pas. He would have made an endearing and goofy Bachelor.

7. Arie Luyendyk Jr., Season 8

Can anyone forget Luyendyk's kissing skills? The charming race car driver was quite the ladies man and wasn't afraid to show emotion. His season would have been a memorable one — full of passion and intensity.

8. Drew Kenney, Season 9

The model was a rare form of being painfully handsome, but humble. Plus, that smile. Come on, 25 women would have given up appendages for a chance to compete for that smile.

9. Brooks Forester, Season 9

Forester was not one to put on airs, which is relatable and refreshing in the world of reality TV. He would have made an honest Bachelor, and we would have eaten up every second of it.

10. Marquel Martin, Season 10

A respite from all the serious guys that often get the title, the super suave Martin, with his wit and dope sense of style, would have been a delight to watch.

11. Josh Murray, Season 10

Fans of Murray have been pining for him to take the role ever since they heard of his split from Andi Dorfman. Probably because his easy going nature and super handsome exterior would have made him a popular Bachelor.

12. Nick Viall, Season 10 & 11

I know, I know. Not everyone agrees with me on this one — but Viall was misunderstood on his season(s). It would have only been fair to give the guy another shot.

Though some of these possible Bachelor candidates have since settled down and found themselves in loving relationships, I think we can all agree that in the land of The Bachelor, never say never. So Viall, maybe there's still a chance for you after all.

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