3 Lunch Boxes That Will Totally Change Your Life

If you haven't yet invested in a grown up lunch box, remember this: Lunch is a sacred time for anyone who has ever had a job. It's the peaceful moment between running around, typing away at your desk, or faxing legal documents from one place to another. You need that sweet break to collect your thoughts and push through until you clock out. Yet, my lunches are often rushed and unsatisfying. Why? Because I tend to never pack my own lunch.

I know that it would make my life easier. I know it's healthier. I even admit that making my own lunch every day would save me an insane amount of money. Yet I rarely do it. I guess this goes back to middle school. While many kids had their parents make lunch for them, I never needed that. I was perfectly happy eating the school provided options. They never tasted that bad. As an adult, no one provides lunch for you unless you have an amazing job that you should never leave. For the last five years I've been forced to either make my own or buy from the various unhealthy food options around my office. That is — until today.

Today I give you the reason for making your own food. I give you the lunch-boxes you wish you had growing up that will make everything better. These are beautifully crafted items that make you miss cooking for yourself. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but I still think they are all pretty great motivators, especially if you already committing to make the change. I've been motivated by my shrinking bank account more than anything else. Hopefully, you too can benefit form these awesome items.

1. Prepd

This magnetic lunchbox comes with separate compartments you can pre-make based on your diet choices. It comes with an app that keeps track of all the ingredients you need to buy on your next shopping trip. Everything is clearly explained and marked. The recipes are easy to follow and endlessly tasty. One of my favorite features is the leak-proof seal on all the items. Here is the entire Kickstarter video:

2. Bento Box

If you want something that cooks your food on the go, this Bento Lunch Box is for you. Place all your ingredients inside, add some water, and let this contraption do its thing. This way you can have freshly cooked food on the go and at your office. Personally, I've never been a big fan of microwaves, so anything that can cut down that in my life is a winner.

3. My Lunchbox

Finally, this lunchbox is there for people who don't want to pre-cook food at home. This handy little guy called My Lunchbox plugs into your computer using a USB and heats your food while you relax. Once it's all done, it sends a message to your laptop to let you know you can start to enjoy your meal. I find this is perfect for maximizing both work output and eating time. You don't even have to walk towards the break room!

Images: Pixabay/ jyleen21