7 Nude Lipstick Hacks You've Got To Try For Next-Level Application — VIDEOS

Even the most makeup-obsessed among us need a few cool nude lip beauty hacks! Not all nudes are suited for everyone; the different shades of nude should correspond to different skin colors. One person's "nude" is another person's "weird concealer-type shade!" But there is a nude out there no matter your skin tone and one of the joys of wearing these shades is that they look good with all different kinds of outfits. They're dramatic, but not gaudy!

However, nude lipsticks that look dry or cracked can send you into a panic and mess with your entire vibe. I've always been so sad when picking out an amazing shade and finding out what I thought would be creamy is actually insanely dehydrating. The right nude is all about the little things.

Neutral lipsticks done well require a good amount of effort. Maybe the time you spend on Netflix can be replaced by a bit of research on the perfect nude lipsticks that celebrities with your skintone wear? Or maybe it doesn't have to be that tough. Life is hard enough without sacrificing your Netflix in the name of beauty. There are so many different kinds of crayons, sticks, and glosses so there's bound to be something out there for everyone. Once you've found your perfect nude, the question becomes: how do you achieve the holy grail of Kim Kardashian nude lips? Here are a few hacks, tips, and woman-tested methods to ease your nude lipstick fears.

1. Choose The Right Nude

Lisa Eldridge on YouTube

First, start with the shade. Maybelline New York's Lead Makeup Artist in Canada, Grace Lee, told The Huffington Post, "Think of nude lipstick the same way you'd think about your foundation To get the right shade, consider your skin colour." Those with pale complexions should not go for beiges if they don't want to look too yellow, and so on.

In that same vein, to keep that color looking exactly as you want it to, Byrdie says to tone down natural lips by applying a light layer of foundation before your lipstick. Remember that this doesn't have to break the bank at all! You can find a nude with a creamy finish in a drug store if you so choose.

2. Make It Long-Lasting

Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder, $35, Sephora

Add powder for a long-lasting effect. Put on your lipstick, blot it with tissue, dust with a finely milled translucent power twice, and then have hours worth of coverage. Or, use a crayon or tint prior to your lipstick.

3. Contour Those Lips

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Contouring is the secret to fuller lips, according to Byrdie. Press some shimmery powder onto the center of your bottom lip, blot it, and you have an instantly fuller lip. The highlight on the bottom lip creates an optical illusion. You can also add a clear gloss for a more dramatic look. Or, apply one shade over your entire mouth and then the lighter shade in the center.

4. Get The Perfect Finish

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Cosmo recommends reshaping your lips with concealer, and then tracing just outside the natural lip line. However, you can also use a clear liner to make sure you don't cross too far over the lines. StyleCaster says to use an angled brush for even coverage and precision!

5. Proper Lip Preparation


Make sure you know those pre-application basics! Exfoliation, priming, and hydrating are three very important steps to basic lipstick application routine. Proper lip care ensures amazing looking, fuller lips.

6. Make A Glossy Nude Matte

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Glamour says to tap a matching color powder over the lips with your fingers or angled brush. Any color can be matte, but matte nude is key in 2016.

7. Wear Nude With Neutral

Take a page from Kim, Kylie, Kendall, Kourtney, and Khloe, and just wear black, white, grey, and tan all the time, this way your nude always pops against your outfit. Take a page from the most famous family in the US!

I hope you achieve the nude lips you deserve, Bustleites.

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