7 Essential Pink Lipstick Hacks Every Girl Should Know To Pull Off A Flawless Rosy Pout

Nothing is more feminine and flirty than pink lipstick. It can be classic, playful, electric, or way out there. But as much as we love a good pink, it can be hard to know how to wear one with success. Here's my favorite pink lipstick hacks every girl or guy should know.

There are some huge benefits to wearing pink lipstick. To begin, lighter shades make your lips appear fuller, whereas dark vampy lips can make your pout appear small. Considering we all seem to want a bigger pout these days, that's a huge advantage to wearing pink. Secondly, pink is the middle-of-the-road formulation that almost always works, no matter the price. Super light nudes and deep, dark purples are harder to formulate, so sometimes even the best companies miss the mark and you wind up with a patchy look that is not cute. When it comes to pink, the color is just right and almost every formulation is pigmented and easy to work with.

Everyone can find a good pink to wear. The shade that's right for you depends on individual preference — there's really no wrong way to go. Cool tones can make you look bright and awake, or you can warm up your face with an electric pink.

If you are hesitant to step away from your beloved nude or wine shades, here are my favorite pink lipstick hacks that'll turn you into a pink lip lover:

1. Try A Pink Ombre Lip

Ombre lips help your lips appear bigger because the light is centered in the fullest part of your pout.

2. Mix Pinks For A Perfect Shade

If you can't find a perfect shade of pink, don't give up. Try mixing shades together until you find two formulations and colors that blend together perfectly for a complementary color.

3. Try Corals

Coral pinks have a caramel undertone and tend to be universally appealing. Think of NARS' Orgasm blush: it's a cult favorite because everyone looks great in coral.

4. Pair Bright Pink With A Natural Eye

If you're into the natural look, bright lips may feel over done to you. Try pairing a sheer shade with a natural eye for a pretty, polished look.

5. Darker Skin Tones, Berry Shades Are Your Best Friends

Darker skin tones can wear jewel-toned pinks and berry pinks like no other skin tone can. If you think you hate pinks, it might be because you're trying more milky, nude shades that are dull against your skin. Try a richer, more vibrant shade!

6. Pale Skin, Embrace The '90s

Mauve-y pinks, a la the '90s, look amazing on cool and pale skin tones. It won't overwhelm your skin, so embrace these sheer shades for a great everyday pink.

7. Opposites Pop

If you have yellow undertones, a blue-based fuchsia shade will really pop against your skin. If you feel too washed out, pat your fingers onto your lips and transfer the color to the apples of your cheeks. It sounds crazy, but it creates a subtle monochromatic look that prevents you from looking washed out.

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