Will Rihanna's New Song Be On Spotify?

by Caitlyn Callegari

Drumroll, please. I have some exciting news for Rihanna fans, or really, any fans of things that sound good. On Wednesday, Rihanna released her new song, "Work" featuring Drake. Which means that soon, our lives will once again be flooded with her melodic goodness and funky beats. But, where can we listen? More specifically, is Rihanna's new song "Work" on Spotify? *Crosses fingers*

Well, first things first, before you pop a blood vessel clenching your fists in wait for an answer, you can listen to a teaser of the song on Instagram. Hopefully, that'll sate your Rihanna music needs in the meanwhile. Unfortunately though, in the quick clip, there is no sign of Drake. You will have to wait for the full song to hear them collaborate once again. But, good things are worth waiting for, right? Right. I mean, I'm still listening to, "Take Care" on loop and it's been almost five years since its release.

But, enough about Drake. Let's get back to the question at hand. After doing some digging, it appears that Rihanna's "Work" is not on Spotify. A bummer, I know. Well, actually, it's not a bummer if you have a Tidal subscription. You see, Rihanna tweeted,

That nifty little link at the end? Yeah, it directs you right to the Tidal website where you can either choose to, "Listen in Tidal" or "Download 'Work.'" Meaning, if you click on either button, you get to hear a 30 second snippet of the song, but you aren't getting any further without a subscription or without directly buying it.

The good thing? You can buy "Work" without having a paid Tidal account. The site lets you create a free one in order to purchase the music. And, you can buy it on iTunes, too. But, yeah, these options still aren't Spotify. If you're broke and aren't into the whole "purchasing" thing, fear not. Rihanna's not-as-new music is on Spotify, so there's hope yet. It might just take some time before "Work" or any of the songs from ANTI become Spotify material.