The Best Celeb Guests On 'Bachelor Live'

The Bachelor is by far the most well-known reality dating show currently on the air (I'd even go so far as to say it's probably the most well-known reality dating show ever), and with that popularity comes the need for viewers to talk about what they just watched. ABC has done post-show chats in the past, with After the Final Rose and After Paradise, and with the Season 20 premiere of The Bachelor , the flagship series also received its own after show. But, after only a handful of episodes of Chris Harrison guiding us through each episode's ups and downs, will Bachelor Live return after Monday's final show?

Unfortunately, it looks like Bachelor Live will only be the five episodes, concluding its first season after the fifth episode of Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor on Monday — but there's nothing to indicate it couldn't return for The Bachelorette this spring! For now, though, it's looking like we'll have to say goodbye to the post-show dialogue. Bachelor Live will be replaced in the Monday 10 p.m. time slot by the returning eighth season of Castle, which airs its midseason premiere on Feb. 8.

During its short run, Bachelor Live brought in previous Bachelors, recently eliminated contestants, and celebrity fans while also checking in with Bachelor Nation viewing parties around the country to talk about each episode of The Bachelor. It was a fun show that will be missed by fans.

But, at least we have a few episodes to remember fondly. Here were some of the best guests to grace Chris Harrison's post-show presence.

Diablo Cody & Lauren Lapkus

During the episode of Bachelor Live following The Bachelor season premiere, Cody and Lapkus joined in on the time-honored (sort of) tradition of picking which contestants would be part of their fantasy teams. Each guest had a solid roster by the end, and those watching at home had some added insight for their own fantasy leagues.

Paul F. Thompkins & Paget Brewster

Unfortunately, Thompkins and Brewster may have been a bit overshadowed by a comedy duo that also appeared on the third episode of Bachelor Live. But, between Brewster's obvious enthusiasm for The Bachelor and Thompkins' wry humor, they made for some entertaining television.

Nick Kroll & John Mulaney

Or should I say: Gil Faizon and George St. Geeland. The comedy duo didn't allow for too much in the way of actual Bachelor discussion but between Gil's flirtations with Lace and their wacky antics, they sure turned Bachelor Live into a hilarious comedy show.

Allison Williams

The Girls star revealed her own romantic Bachelor story while on Bachelor Live: Her husband proposed to her on the same couch where they used to sit at Bachelor viewing parties — which was where they met! It wasn't during The Bachelor, but it's still a sweet story.

Kris Jenner

This Bachelor super-fan was supposed to appear on After Paradise in 2015, but had to cancel last minute for health reasons. So, it was only appropriate that Jenner come on Bachelor Live. Between her Bachelor commentary, flirting with Chris Soules, and teasing Harrison with some not-news, she more than made up for her missed After Paradise appearance.

Here's hoping Bachelorette Live will be on our screens come the spring season!

Images: Todd Wawrychuck/ABC