Kanye's Wiz Khalifa Tweets Ranked

by Amy Mackelden

Anticipation is high for Kanye West's WAVES (formerly SWISH), which is due to drop on Feb. 11 2016. While the rapper's music needs no promotion — SoundCloud recently crashed when West uploaded a new track and fan demand was too great for the site to handle — on Wednesday, West had a Twitter spat with Wiz Khalifa that got pretty real and gave WAVES even more publicity. While I won't talk about all of the tweets because, disappointingly, West decided to slut-shame ex-girlfriend Amber Rose in some of them (she has a son with Wiz Khalifa), the Twitter rant was pretty spectacular and there is a definite need to rank Kanye West's tweets.

Whilst it was probably inevitable that a dialogue between West and Khalifa would include mention of Rose, West's tweets were in pretty poor taste, and totally unnecessary, especially when he has a new album coming out and the chance to reinvent his image with it. Why he feels the need to keep dissing an ex is beyond me, especially when Rose stands up for human rights so fiercely. In the time since he tweeted and deleted his very long rant, Rose has replied to his tweets in the best way.

My own disappointment aside, some of West's tweets on Wednesday were hilarious, and he certainly made the most of having a sparring partner on Twitter. As Yahoo! Music reports, the feud started when Khalifa "pointed to the work of Max B, who popularized the Wave movement with his melodic, lo-fi rap music throughout the mid-2000s," and clearly didn't feel that West's new album was fitting of its title. So without further ado, it's time to rank Kanye West's best Tweets in response to Wiz Khalifa saying "Please don't take the wave."

14. When He Reminded The World They Had Him To Thank For Tight Jeans

I wondered who I should be thanking for that.

13. When Kanye Didn't Miss An Opportunity To Promote Kanye

There's nothing more crucial than promoting the new album, apart from, y'know, starting a major Twitter feud with someone.

12. When He Was Really All About The Positive Energy, Seriously

When you're really serious about putting positive energy out into the world, it's good form to criticize a bunch of people first.

11. When He Announced His New Album Was Gospel

I'm convinced that WAVES will be a total religious experience for us all.

10. When He Declared To Love Positivity After Mercilessly Disrespecting People

Nothing says peace and love like a little disrespect on the Internet.

9. When Kanye Complimented Himself The Most

I take the same approach to Christmas shopping. One gift for you, 20 for me.

8. When Kanye Declared Himself The OG

I mean this one is on point.

7. When Kanye Berated Wiz Khalifa For Wasting His Time (While Sending A Million Tweets)

How dare Khalifa steal West's precious time in this way. Because he couldn't not respond, right?

6. When Kanye Complimented His Opponent's Pants

Credit where credit is due! Nice pants should be appreciated and admired.

5. Then Swiftly Dissed His Opponent's Music

You've been complimented enough today. Have a dose of REALITY.

4. When Kanye Invoked The Devil To Explain His Actions

The Devil made him do it, OK?

3. When Kanye Took Down All The Tweets Because He Felt Bad

West had a change of heart... probs for the best, really.

2. When Kanye Said He Loved Everyone

No offense Kanye West, but I don't believe you. I want to though, and that's what counts.

1. When Kanye Used Kimoji

Why use words when you have Kimoji?!

West's new album seems to have gotten people all riled up, and this particular Twitter battle is probably not over just yet. While we wait for WAVES, or SWISH, or whatever it's going to be called when we can finally hear it, it sure is fun following Kanye West on Twitter. It's like a slither of insight into the genius that is his brain.