The "Festival Of Really Good Sex" Is A Thing

I'm having one of those "how did I not know about this?" moments. Apparently there was a festival in Australia this weekend, and that festival was called— wait for it— The Sydney Festival Of Really Good Sex. Seriously. That was the name of a thing. A thing I did not attend. And I will forever regret it.

Apparently it's been running since 2011, originally under the name Xplore. And it's just as hippie-ed out and loved up and amazing sounding as you can imagine. It has the most amazing 90s throwback website I've seen in some time, but it was still a massive multi-day conference with over 40 workshops. Holy crap. How did none of us now about this before? Especially as they're tackling some big question.

Their website says: "What is really good sex for me uniquely? And what I need to do–or not do–to make it happen? And what is the relation of sex to who I am? And the rest of my life? The Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex is a place to play, learn and think more about such questions." Deep stuff.

So here's what I've been missing and the important things you need to know:

1. It Has The Sweetest Founder Around

The founder talked about why he curates this festival in an interview, and it gave me smiles:

"It's about feeling more a live and, you know, more happy in your life... sex is one of those gateways to happiness and to joy." What more can you need?

2. You Need To Bring A Towel

Yup. According to a journalist for The Guardian: "I needed to bring a towel to lie on (I imagine this makes cleaning up after the “clothing optional” workshops a lot easier)". Fluids are a part of life, people. All the fluids.

3. Their Workshops Have The Best Names Ever

Check out their list of workshops, for the love of god. From Ecstatic Dance to Rainbow Rub Penis Pleasuring to Clitoromania: A Detailed and Ludic History of the Clitoris, what more you could ask for? I mean, I only know what about half of those words mean but it sounds like a place I only dreamed of that has now become a reality.

4. Their Twitter Is My New Favorite Thing

And not just because their handle is @ReallyGoodSex. It just has all of the things that you could ever want or need, and some phrases that you never, never thought would exist.

Well done, Festival Of Really Good Sex. Apparently there's another one in April. I'm looking at you, Australia.

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