You Can Now Rent A Netflix & Chill Airbnb

by Megan Grant

Good news for everyone who wants to live their best Netflix and chill life: Now you can rent a Netflix and chill Airbnb in New York City. Ad expert Tom Galle and NY-based ART404 handpicked the furnishings, equipment, and amenities to bring this popular slang term to life. The apartment is outfitted with a Netflix branded bed, a fully stocked minibar (champagne, wine, rum, vodka, and juice), a high-def projector hooked up to Netflix (of course), the new Apple TV, surround sound speaks around the bed, and a large bathroom with a marble finish.You can also enjoy the breathtaking view of Manhattan with rooftop access. This is strictly an experience for two guests only, and it can be yours for $400 a night — not bad at all, considering the location and decor.

Fun factL The first recorded use of the phrase "Netflix and chill" was back in 2010, by a Twitter user who had no idea what was coming. Although the connotation of the phrase has changed since then, it remains more popular than ever; and I would put my money on this new apartment being a huge success. Can you imagine how much social media love it will get from its guests?

As of right now, the room is only available to rent on Saturday nights, an intentional move to maintain its special allure. "They experience something different than just going to a hotel," Galle noted to the New York Daily News, adding, "It's bringing a part of the Internet to a real life experience ... We're just bringing the joke to real life." On the same note, ART404 member Moises Sanadria added, "We just play around a lot with Internet culture with things that are happening. We were looking for a translation from URL to IRL."

Netflix and chill: Airbnb style.