This Is When 'Views From The 6' Will Be Released

by Jordana Lipsitz

Drake is on top of the world these days, and oh, does he know it. The self-named King of Hip Hop has spent every moment leading up to his upcoming album Views From the 6 promising fans big things, and over the weekend, he dropped one of the biggest surprises of all — that the Views From the 6 release date will be in April, just a few months away. Even better? On the same episode of OVO Sound Radio, available to listen to on Apple Music, Drizzy dropped a new track, "Summer Sixteen," which name-drops everybody from Kanye West to Barack Obama.

It was one great surprise after another, and the artist formerly known as Jimmy from Degrassi used the entire episode of OVO Sound Radio as a way to get fans even more excited for his upcoming record. He made it clear that he's one of music's biggest stars, and that despite all the other huge names taking over hip-hop right now, it's Drake that will reign supreme for a long, long time. Here's how he made that clear during his OVO session.

Step 1: Subtly Perpetrate Rap Beef

To open up his mix, Drake played "I'm So High" by Max B, inventor of the term "wavy". Recently, Wiz Khalifa went after Kanye West on Twitter for changing the name of his upcoming album Swish, to Waves, claiming that it was disrespectful to jock Max B's style. Drake isn't picking a side in this, just pointing out Khalifa and West's war against each other in a clever way.

Step 2: Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemies Closer

Next, Drake played Nas' freestyle over Future's 56 Nights. He's spreading shade to some, but spreading love to others.

Step 3: Ally With Another Member Of Music Royalty

Drake also played Rihanna's "Work", a song he collaborated with her on for her new album.

Step 4: Destroy Everyone Who Messes With You

This is where "Summer Sixteen" comes in. Recipients of the track's many disses include:

  • Meek Mill
"Looking for revenge, All summer sixteen, All summer sixteen, playing dirty not clean"

Drake is pretty clearly referencing all his beef with Meek Mill. These two just can't leave each other alone.

  • Barack Obama
"Tell Obama that my verses are just like the whips he in, they bulletproof"

Obama recently claimed he felt Kendrick Lamar would win in a rap battle against Drake, and clearly, Drake is not pleased.

  • Jay Z
"I used to wanna be on Roc-A-Fella then I turned into Jay"

Comparing himself to someone who is as long-running as Jay Z is a very bold move.

  • Kanye West
"Now I gotta house in LA, I gotta pool that's bigger than Ye"

Can't diss up a storm without including Kanye, or specifically, the size of his pool.

Step Five: Make A Major Announcement

During the session, Drake announced that Views From the 6 will be out in April. Finally, something concrete that fans can hold onto and get excited about. Good move, King Drizzy.

Step Six: Don't Forget The Bold Claim

No king can be royal without saying something huge. With the title of his newest track as "Summer Sixteen," Drake is claiming that the songs on this album will be tunes you'll be dancing to all throughout this year's sunny season.

Drake has laid down the gauntlet. Not only has he made it clear that he plans to take his rightful place on the throne, he has figuratively beat his chest Tarzan-style to scare off any competitors. But hey, Drake — you don't need to show off so much. You'll always be king in fans' eyes.

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