A Timeline Of Chris Harrison & Andi's Relationship

by Alaina Urquhart-White

Bachelor Nation may have their collective eyes glued to Ben Higgins at the moment, but there is a rumor making the rounds that demands attention. Yes, I'm talking about the possibility that former bachelorette, Andi Dorfman and handsome host, Chris Harrison may be dating. Talk about a plot twist. Sure, there have been rumors before this one linking Chris to contestants, but those rumors never carried any weight. Why? Because they lacked proof. That's where this particular rumor gains some steam. A look at Andi's Instagram reveals a photographic timeline of a possible romance between the former Bachelorette and host.

I can't quite place my bet down on this. Every time I think I can call it, I just can't quite commit. I really feel like this one could go either way. There's a part of me that truly thinks that this is just a couple of innocently cheeky photo captions gone awry. That part of me knows that these kind of rumors are so common and mostly unreliable. Then there is the other part of my brain that thinks the caption language and photos themselves just don't say "platonic". My brain is waging a war of roses and I need real answers.

Let's lay out the timeline of these two crazy kids' relationship and see if we can hedge our bets a bit.

First Meeting On The Bachelor

Andi and Chris first crossed paths while Andi was competing for Juan Pablo's heart on the 18th season of The Bachelor. As we all know, Andi made the wise decision to remove herself from that mess but she still got plenty of time to know Chris.

Returning For The Bachelorette

Andi returned to Bachelor Nation in March of 2014, as the star of the 10th season of The Bachelorette. Everyone knows that the host and the star spend a lot of time together. Maybe they formed their strong bond during that season. Sure, Andi ended up engaged to contestant Josh Murray but let's be honest, that's a minor roadblock.

Andi Ends Her Engagement

Rick Diamond/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In January 2015 , Andi and Josh ended their engagement. Chris Harrison and his wife divorced in in 2012, so these two crazy kids were both single.

Post-Split Comfort

During her appearance on "Chris Tells All", Andi broke down and referred to her break up with Josh as, "The biggest failure of my life." Chris was was totally sweet and appeared genuinely comforting and sympathetic to Andi.

Happy Birthday, Chris

In July 2015, Andi wished Chris a Happy 35th birthday (he is actually 44). She followed the sassy inside joke with a wink face and a kissy face. Sounds pretty flirty to me.

The Dinner Date Photo

Back in May 2015, Andi sent Bachelor Nation into a tizzy when she posted a photo of she and Chris at dinner alone. Her caption suggested that it was more than platonic and people ate it up.

Not to mention their super flirty tweets leading up to their date:

The Cheeky Instagram Caption

This all leads up to about a week ago, in January 2015, when Andi once again set the rumor mill churning by posting a photo of herself and Chris looking super cozy with a caption that suggests more than friendship.

Of course, this all could just be evidence of a very close friendship. After all, men and women can be friends and there doesn't need to be any funny business involved. To me, the proof that there is more than just friendship is in the details. Kissy emojis and flirty undertones tell me that there is at least a spark between these two. We are due for a good Bachelor love story and these two would fit the bill perfectly.

Image: ABC