These 'Grease Live!' Quotes Remind The Audience That The '50s Musical Is Happening In 2016

At last, Fox's Grease Live! is upon us and, so far, it's as glorious as promised. The casting is spot on, the musical numbers are top notch, and the studio audience is giving the production the right amount of energy. Even though the musical takes place in the 1950s, there have been some Grease Live! quotes that clearly prove this production is live from 2016. Sure, the 1950s were a different time, but the Fox version is clearly winking at the audience about certain generational differences.

Fox's own live musical has presented a star-studded Rydell High filled with Julianne Hough as Sandy (who's from Utah), Aaron Tveit as Danny, Carly Rae Jepsen as Frenchy, Vanessa Hudgens as Rizzo, as well as Boyz II Men as Teen Angel and Joe Jonas' DNCE as Johnny Casino and the Gamblers. The production is essentially a combination of the classic 1978 Grease film and the Broadway version, which will have original songs, the classics you know you want to sing along to, those oh-so-classic lines from the movie, and the teenage hi-jinks we all know and love from the either version.

But then there are those moments where you know Grease Live! is telling you, yeah, we know things aren't quite like this anymore. Check them out below as this list is updating throughout the telecast.

"Life doesn't revolve around men! We girls gotta be our own people, like they tell us in Home Ec."

Oh, burn! Even in the '50s, Frenchy is not having it when it comes to patriarchy.

"A live broadcast? What if something goes wrong?" "That doesn't matter. The TV audience is pretty understanding."

Thank you for this meta moment, Grease Live!

"Let's hope it doesn't rain..."

Referencing Sunday's rain in Los Angeles that threatened to derail Grease Live! in another meta moment.

"Twinkies & wine?"

This is a shoutout to Netflix and Chill, right? It has to be.

"Who wants to watch a bunch of amateurs dancing on live TV?"

I think that was just a dig at Dancing With The Stars, which is where Hough got her big break.

"Why do the guys get the glory and the girls get the blues?"

When Sandy decides to go for a Pink Lady makeover. Sigh.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX