Alicia Broke Down On 'The Good Wife'

Alicia had a rough few days on The Good Wife when she was sued by a former bond court client for malpractice while still struggling with the consequences of Eli's confession. In "Judged," Alicia finally reached her breaking point, and, after Lucca confronted her about her strange behavior, Alicia broke down on The Good Wife before she forgave Eli for hiding Will's voicemail from her all those years ago.

After weeks of mourning and bitterness, Alicia's bad mood was starting to affect her work. So, she decided to pay Eli a visit to demand to hear what Will had tried to tell her in the voicemail she never received. Eli repeated it to her, word for word, but it didn't make Alicia feel any better. Her grief over Will and Eli's betrayal coupled with the stress of a former client suing her for malpractice was too much for Alicia. When Lucca confronted Alicia about her recent behavior, she completely broke down, telling Lucca all about her lost love with Will and how she feels completely aimless. Alicia even admitted to drinking too much, telling Lucca that every time she has a drink, she always wants more, even though she knows she shouldn't. Without purpose, Alicia was cracking, so Lucca gave her one: being her friend and partner. (Proving that Lucca and Alicia are total friendship goals.)

Alicia's breakdown, while surely not a cure-all for all her troubles, did seem to help her get some anger out of her system. When Eli came by her apartment the next day asking again for forgiveness, she gave it to him. Who knows if Eli and Alicia's relationship can ever really be repaired, but the two seem to be taking steps back towards building their friendship again. And, hopefully Lucca will be the friend Alicia needs to help her move on from Will in future episodes.

Images: David M. Russell/CBS; neonntiger/tumblr