10 Things You Do When You Find An Amazing Book

I'm the type of reader where whichever book I just finished reading tends to be my favorite book. It's still fresh in my mind, the characters are vivid, the scenes are actively running through my thoughts like a favorite Netflix show on repeat, and all I want to do is take the book with me wherever I go. This doesn't always happen if the book doesn't spark a particular interest in me, of course, but for the most part, that's how my favorite books are labeled.

Many readers only have a single favorite, or possibly a favorite series, which is nearly impossible to replace. Finding a favorite book means replacing an old favorite, and sometimes that hurts just as much as the thought of replacing friends. Other readers have high expectations and it takes a long time for a new favorite book to come along and change their world. One way or another, we as readers, are constantly reading new books, and finding a new favorite is bound to happen.

It's a thrilling experience when a book takes you on an adventure so emotional and complex that you can't help but fall in love with it on the first few pages. No matter the genre, length, or content, every reader does a few quirky and awesome things when they find a new book they want to share with the world. If you've recently stumbled upon a book that's monumentally incredible, you'll definitely relate to these 10 things every reader does when they find a new favorite book:

1. You Immediately Reread The Book, Or Some Favorite Scenes

Upon reading the last line of what has already become your new favorite book is a tear-jerking moment. Whether you weep because it's over or sit in silence just thinking about how amazing this book was, it won't be long before you're flipping through the familiar pages and finding favorite moments to reread. That scene where the two main characters kissed for the first time, or that epic battle between two different worlds was so good that you have to read it again. And sometimes, the thought of starting it over and rereading the entire thing is too tempting to turn down.

2. You Recommend It To Everyone With A Pulse

I'm guilty of doing this, and I know I'm not alone. As a book lover, there's nothing better than being asked "Do you have any book recommendations?". It's like you're filled with this super secret news that doesn't have to be a secret anymore, so nearly every time the topic comes up, you practically burst with excitement over talking about this book. It's even better when you finally convince a good friend to read it, because you can't wait for her to finish the book so you can talk about it nonstop.

3. You Bring It Up In Nearly Every Conversation

Even when you aren't asked about recommendations, the book tends to come up no matter what. Whatever you're talking about, you can and will find a way to bring up a certain character, moment, or phrase from your favorite book. I've even done this on a first date, somewhat by accident. Sometimes we book-lovers just can't help ourselves.

4. You Write A Really Long, Honest, And Heartfelt Online Review

Whether you're an avid reviewer or have never reviewed a single thing online before, after finishing a book that has earned its role as your new favorite, you feel the urge to write one immediately. Just like how you can hardly contain recommending it to the people around you, writing an online review can be just as much fun. You get the chance to convince any curious eyes wandering this Goodreads or Amazon page about why they should buy this book, and that in itself is a wonderful feeling.

5. You Buy Every Other Book The Author Has Ever Written

While you're online, it's no secret you're looking up any other books the author of your current favorite has written. If they have, you buy them all, or at least put them on your wish list. If it's one of those rare occurrences (which has oddly happened to me one too many times) where your favorite book is the author's first book, it can feel devastating. The good news is, if this favorite book of yours is an outstanding debut novel, there's a high chance there will be more books to come.

6. You Daydream About The Story And The Characters

On the commute to work, in the middle of a meeting, just before you drift off to sleep — you're thinking about the book. Even though the story has ended, there's nothing that can stop you from reminiscing over the book. It probably gets you into a bit of trouble, because this can happen at just about any point of your day, but in the end, what's so wrong about falling in love with this book over and over again?

7. You Feel Inspired From All The Lessons The Book Taught You

While you're caught up in daydreams, the lessons and morals from this book are probably becoming more clear the more you think about them. A character may have done something heroic in the book, but it isn't until a few days later when you realize there was more behind that moment than you originally realized. Some of my favorite books have taught me valuable life lessons I probably wouldn't have learned as well otherwise.

8. You Search For Fellow Fans Online

It can be tricky if you're a major reader but no one else around you has the same passion. Lucky for us, the Internet exists where fans can come together and geek out over books and characters. I remember when I first got into The Hunger Games, before the movie franchise blew it up, and Tumblr was filled with fans dedicated to making fan art and talking about the book. It's an easy to way to make online friends and have the chance to freak out over this book as much as your heart desires.

9. You Read Or Write Fan Fiction

Fan fiction has exploded online, where specific sites bring together communities of people to come write and read additional ideas of a mutually loved story. If you're a big fan of a book and never want it to end, it's nice to live in the time of fan fiction where reading more about your favorite characters has never been easier.

10. You Find A Special Spot On Your Bookshelf

However long it takes you to pick up a new book after finishing your new favorite, you will eventually find a special place to put it on your shelves. You'll probably keep it centered, somewhere easily seen, and potentially the star attraction of your shelf. No matter how many books you read afterwards, and even if more favorite books come along the way, each favorite book will always mean the world to you.

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