How To Use GIFs On Tinder

The app developers at Tinder recently blessed us with the greatest Tinder update yet: It allows users to like one another's messages, send extra large emoji, upload photos directly from their phones, and best of all, communicate with GIFs. So for those of us who are as excited as I am, here's how to use GIFs on Tinder, a step-by-step guide that will have you speaking in Beyonce, cat, or Game of Throne GIFs in no time at all, inevitably impressing your Tinder match and landing an adorable date with an adorable babe. Of course, if you're like me and not necessarily the type to use Tinder for dating and mostly like to match with people for mini ego boosts, you can still impress someone with your poignant and careful use of the GIF (which may be the most Millennial sentence I've ever written).

Previously, Tinder didn't allow for users to send any externally sourced photos or content, so this GIF addition will hopefully open the doors to a little more flexibility when it comes to messaging. (But not too much flexibility, because we all know what would happen if you could send actual pictures from your phone via dating messenger sites). Unfortunately, you can't upload GIFs of yourself or other super hot celebrities that kind of look like you as your profile picture, but I would vote for that to be Tinder's next move.

In order to take advantage of the GIF messaging capabilities we do have now, though, take a look at the following five steps and prepare for your life to totally change.

1. Get On Tinder

To start off, you need to have a Tinder profile (download the app here), a handful of decent pictures uploaded from either your camera roll on your phone or Facebook, a spunky bio that transcends Tinder clichés, and some matches so what you have a variety of people to message, as well as a variety of people who may message you. Let's start with my profile as an example, seen here.

2. Match With People

After making sure my profile was up to my high Tinder standards, I went ahead and matched with a variety of people I could bombard with GIFs, as shown by the number of notifications on the Tinder app. You know, for research purposes.

3. Message Someone Or Wait For A Message

Now comes the fun part. Let's say you match with a total babe who messages you something generic like, "Hey!" or "Hi." Of course, you could hit this person back with an equally boring response... or you could take this moment to impress them with your GIF ability. With the new Tinder update, your screen should look a little something like the one above. On the top bar you have the person's picture and name, followed to the right by a drop-down menu (represented by three dots) that will let you unmatch the person, report the person, or view the person's profile. Lower down, next to the message, you'll see the outline of a heart you can tap to like this person's message (if, for some reason, you'd rather do that than actually respond).

None of this things are important for sending a GIF, but if you look all the way down on the left of the message bar, you'll find the magic button that will enable all your photographic endeavors: The little blue GIF icon.

4. Sift Through The Large Library of GIFs

To send a GIF, simply tap the blue GIF icon. Now you will have access to an entire library of GIFs that will serve as proper reactions to most Tinder situations. An initial tap will allow you to scroll through a library of suggested GIFs, in case you're feeling impressionable, but using the search bar function can help you get as specific as you want.

5. Be Specific, Or Get Creative!

In this case, I have so many options to use as a response to this person's "Hi": I can pick between a waving bear, Rihanna, a red crayon writing out a greeting, and so many more. After selecting the perfect GIF, just tap it, watch it go, and wait for a response.

Who knows? You might just find someone who loves GIFs as much as you do.

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Images: Pexels; Mehak Anwar/Bustle